Elzbieta (Elizabeth) Cook

Elzbieta (Elizabeth) Cook

Office: 131 Choppin Hall

Tel: (225) 578-3574

Email: folga@lsu.edu

Conversation: I constantly converse with my students during lectures. I pose questions and wait for answers, ask for questions from students, provide answers, or… answer with questions. By asking a question, students make the first step toward answering it. Questions inquiring ‘How’, ‘What if’, ‘Why’ or ‘Why not’ tend to be more important than those inquiring ‘What’.

Humor: By not taking myself too seriously, I feel younger and better connected to my students. Since one cannot have fun with chemistry without some prior knowledge, I walk a fine line between rigors of teaching science and the fun of knowing it.

Evaluation: How students perform in class reflects on how well I teach them and how I inspire them to learn. It evaluates me.

Math skills: I really appreciate mathematics. I therefore tend to give my students a brief overview of the necessary mathematics so that it does not become an obstacle in learning and enjoying chemistry.

Individuality: Each student is an individual with his or her emotions and one-of-a-kind history. In large class situations, individuality needs to be nurtured, but within reason. I strive to respect student’s individual needs, have compassion for student’s life circumstances, and help with student’s individual learning style.

Society: I know I am privileged to have received the gift of education. As my students mature, I wish for them to want to give back to the society by sharing their knowledge, mentoring younger generation and respecting the environment.

Trust: It is challenging for me to meet with a new group of students every semester and convince them to trust my ability to deliver my course at the right level. Failure is a real option, and I try to learn from it.

Reasoning: I show students that before conclusions can be made, there is a logical and sometimes lengthy process that must take place–to connect the dots, to show the ‘cause-and-effect’ relationship.

Youth: My students are my fountain of youth. It is my job to harness some of their youthful energy and channel it towards active learning.


PhD, 1993 The University of Calgary, Canada

MSc, 1986 University of Silesia, Poland

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Honors General Chemistry I & II (CHEM 1421 & 1422)

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