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Self-assembly of peptoid polymers

N-Alkyl substituents phase applications into microflower and nanosheet structures

The intermolecular interactions amongst the peptoid polymers can be fine-tuned by controlling the N-substituent sidechain structures. In this study, branching pattern of peptoid polymer sidechains have been shown to effectively modulate the molecular shape of entire polymer chains and the collective assembly of polymers in solution to form two- or three-dimensional hierarchical structures. [Funded by the National Science Foundation under grant 1609447]

Peptoid Polymer Article

New nickel complexes have helical shape

left side-- binuclear helices synthesized from Ni(II) salts; right side- helical sculpture that inspired the work

Together with Prof. Uttam Pokharel (Nicholls State University), we prepared six new nickel complexes with organic ligands, which fold and twist into helical shapes. The center of these complexes, between the two nickel atoms, is like a nano-scale “box”, but it’s empty. However, we are now designing complexes that will have room for other molecules to fit in the box. Then, we may be able to use them to transport molecules or ions from one place to another.

Nickel Complexes Article

Relaxation Behavior of Bottlebrush Polymers

Segmental relaxation times of bottlebrush polymers. Chain lengths impact the dynamics of the relaxation times

The segmental relaxation times of different bottlebrush polymer have been investigated by dielectric spectroscopy and compared to their linear counterparts. Depending on the side chain length, a slowed down process can be observed which levels out for bottlebrush polymers having sufficiently long side chains. [Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) under grant DE-SC0019050]

Bottlebrush Polymer Article


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