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Stabilization of electrocatalysts

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Fighting deactivation: Classical and emerging strategies for efficient stabilization of molecular electrocatalysts.

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Electrolytes in motion

Electrolytes in motion

The molecular structure and dynamics of electrolytes is important in science and engineering due to their use in electrochemical storage. Time resolved infrared spectroscopic methods are currently the best tools for investigating the electrolytes at the microscopic level, but understanding these liquid systems remains very challenging.


Photochemical Oxidation Mass Spectrometry

protein oxidation

A193 nm laser is directed at the electrospray source of a mass spectrometer that contains hydrogen peroxide and a protein. The photogenerated radicals oxidize the protein, enabling ultrafast characterization of its structure.

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A siloxide podand ligand

A siloxide podand ligand is used to tease out structure-reactivity relationships in alkyne metathesis. It also affords a very rare (and dynamic!) metallatetrahedrane.


Defensins in Membranes

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High-resolution ¹³C, ³¹P and ¹H Solid-State NMR and 5-µs MD modeling are integrated to determine the site-specific structure of human defensins in lipid bilayers and how these peptides reshape lipid vesicles.

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STEM text

An evaluation study with a mixed methods approach evaluating program impacts and outcomes of a minority training program over a period of 14 years. Results indicate which strategies were most effective in promoting interest and matriculation into graduate programs among underrepresented groups in STEM.

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Vickie Thornton Receives Staff Award

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Staff Award

LSU Chemistry Welcomes New Chair

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Professor John Pojman

Xin Gui Receives Ludo Frevel Scholarship Award

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