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Development of adhesive microfluidic gradient generator

Development of adhesive microfluidic gradient generator with TAMR and Hydrogen system

Microfluidic gradient generators have been used to study cellular migration, growth, and drug response in numerous biological systems. One common device combination is Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)/ Agarose hydrogel system however, there is no adhesive interaction between PDMS and agarose layers therefore experiment gets complicated and fails often. In this work, a two-layer, flow-free microfluidic gradient generator was developed using thiol-ene chemistry. Both of these layers bind quickly and strongly when they are brought together which eliminates the major issue with conventional flow-free gradient generators.

Khan ET AL.

Metallatetrahedrane Intermediates in Alkyne Metathesis

Impact of Ligands and Metals on the Formation of Metallacyclic Intermediates

Alkyne metathesis typically operates through a metallacyclobutadiene intermediate. On the other hand, metalltetrahedranes are commonly considered as off-cycle byproducts that interfere with the reaction. The Lee group recently isolated a Mo(VI)-metallatetrahedrane that was catalytically active. Here, they investigate the factors that determine the formation of metallatetradedranes and how they affect the alkyne metathesis mechanism. [Funded by the National Science Foundation under grant 1956302]

Thompson et al.

Sodium Chloride induced shape deformations of polymersomes

NaCl induced shape deformations of polymersomes analyzed using SAN and X-ray scattering

NaCl induced shape deformations of polymersomes composed of amphiphilic triblock copolymers were analyzed using Small Angle Neutron and X-ray Scattering. Spherical polymersomes transform from spherical to multi-vesicular structures with increasing salt concentrations. While the membrane thickness shows an initial decrease and then a gradual increase, the inter-layer water thickness decreased until a constant value is reached. [DOE Open Access on 3/2022]

Perera et al.


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Ragains Receives NSF Grant 

Dr. Justin Ragains

Associate Professor Justin Ragains received a three-year NSF grant to study novel glycosylation reactions. 

Dr. Justin Ragains

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Dr. Alecia Gabriel

Learn how LSU Chemistry alumna Dr. Alecia Gabriel is inspiring the next generation of scientists. 

Dr. Alecia Gabriel

LAS Peer Lecture Series

Join the Louisiana Academy of Sciences for their Peer Lecture Series featuring LSU Chemistry alumna Dr. Judith De Mel.  

June 17, 2021 | 12 PM - 1 PM

“How to Transform Unilamellar Phospholipid Vesicles to Multilamellar Systems”

Dr. Judith U. De Mel
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Biomedical Engineering
Interdisciplinary NanoBioSciences Laboratory
University of Mississippi

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