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Aromatic-Carbohydrate Interface in Plant Biomass 

Aromatic carbohydrate interface in plant biomassThe Wang research team examined the nanoscale assembly of various polysaccharides and aromatic polymers (lignin) in grasses and woody plants. The results unveiled the physical principles underlying the carbohydrate-aromatic interface, providing the structural basis for developing better crops and bioconversion technology for energy and materials.

Kirui ET AL.

Force Volume Mapping

force volume mapping

A team of 8 graduate students earned an A+ for an assignment  in CHEM7750 by writing a publication quality review article. The published mini-review article was featured on the cover of ACS Omega in October 2021. The invited, open-access publication highlights the versatility for measurements which apply the scanning probe microscopy mode of force volume mapping (FVM) for characterizing chemical, mechanical, and electrical properties at the nanoscale.  



Solid-State NMR of Cellular Samples

NMR studies

Wang Group discussed the current status and promising future directions in the use of Solid-state NMR for understanding the conformational structure, dynamical characteristics, and supramolecular assemblies of carbohydrates and other biomolecules in extracellular matrixes and native cells. The review spans across many organisms including plants, bacteria, fungi, and algae.




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LSU Chemists Unlock the Key to Improving Biofuel and Biomaterial Production

plant biomass

In a new study published in Nature Communications, the Wang research team reveal how carbohydrates interact with lignin to form plant biomass. This new information can help advance the development of better technology to use biomass for energy and materials.  

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AAAS Fellow

Dr. Zakiya Wilson

Associate Professor of Research and Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion Zakiya Wilson-Kennedy was named an American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellow for her contributions to the field of STEM education.

Celebrating 44 Years of Excellence

Dr. Isiah Warner


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