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Electrochemical Reductions of Chromium(VI) in Water

Electrochemical reduction of toxic Cr(iV): Bare, Modified, and Mediated with chemical formulas at each phase

Reducing toxic hexavalent chromium to benign Cr(III) using electrochemistry is a promising way to purify contaminated water. To improve current methods and develop new ones, it is paramount to understand the thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of the reactions involved. 


Size changes of spherical bottlebrushes in linear melt

Size changes of spherical bottlebrushes in linear melt

Spherical bottlebrushes change the size depending on the molecular weight of the linear host matrix. Small-angle neutron scattering allowed to detect these changes, resulting in decreasing bottlebrush radii with increasing molecular weight of the linear host matrix. Additionally, aggregation can be observed in the largest host matrix at the highest concentration.

Bottlebrush Polymer Article

 BODIPYs with restricted meso-8-aryl rotation

BODIPYs with restricted meso-8-aryl rotation

Boron dipyrromethenes (BODIPYs) bearing multiple methyl substituents and a meso-8-aryl group were synthesized and investigated, both experimentally and computationally. The free rotation of the meso-8-aryl group is prevented due to the presence of the 1,7-dimethyl groups and of ortho-substituents on the meso-8-aryl ring, resulting in BODIPY derivatives with high fluorescence quantum yields, independent of the solvent viscosity.



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McCarley Awarded Patent

Dr. Robin McCarley

Professor Robin McCarley is a co-inventor on a recently issued U.S. Patent for a biomolecular processing platform and methods suitable for nucleic acid sequencing and protein/polypeptide identification.

Patent Summary

New Patent to Improve Detection of Breast Cancer

Dr. Les Butler

Professor Les Butler is a co-inventor on a recently awarded U.S. Patent for Phase-Contrast X-Ray Interferometry.

Patent Summary

Tom W. Dutton Award

Ovini Weeratunge Kankanamge



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