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Hybrid plasmonic nanoparticles

Ag@Au nanopartical imaging

In this paper, the in situ growth dynamics of colloidal silver-gold core-shell (Ag@Au CS) nanoparticles in water are monitored in a stepwise synthesis approach using time-dependent second harmonic generation and extinction spectroscopy combined with finite-difference time-domain calculations.

Dikkumbura ET AL.

How Fungi Build Their Cell Walls?

Pathogenic fungus cell wall

Solid-State NMR and functional genomics approaches have revealed the molecular architecture of fungal cell walls. The findings could guide the development of antifungal drugs targeting the cell wall molecules.


Atomic Resolution of Algal Carbohydrates

Fungal cell wall

For the first time, Solid-State NMR has shown the capability of investigating carbohydrates in intact cells of microalgae with atomic resolution. The structural insights could guide the use of such organism for the better production of biopolymers and bioenergy.



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JACS Cover Feature

JACS Cover PageThe solid-state NMR study of microalgae cells by the Wang research group is featured on the front cover of the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

Poulhazan et al.

Patent for hydrophobically modified polypeptoids

hydrophobically modified polypeptoid

LSU Chemistry Professor Donghui Zhang recently received a patent for various hydrophobically modified polypeptoids (HMPs), their synthetic methods, and their applications for liposomal drug delivery.  

Patent Summary

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Dr. Marc Loudon in 1960's

Alumnus Dr. Marc Loudon (BS, 1964), born and raised in Baton Rouge, was a talented pianist and an aspiring musician. It was a high school chemistry teacher who encouraged him to pursue chemistry. Learn about Dr. Loudon's academic and career journey and how he maintained his interest in music.

Dr. Marc Loudon

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Graduate students at graduation

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