Final Defenses

Fall 2022


Date Time & Location Student Advisor Degree Title
9/22/2022 3:30 pm 302 CMB Christopher John Van Leeuwen Schneider Ph.D. Influence of Mechanical Stress on Silica Particle Distributions in Polymers
9/23/2022 1:45 pm 302 CMB Elizabeth Cameron Thomas Cook Ph.D. Data Triangulation of Carbon Species Found in Wetland Soils in Barataria, LA
10/5/2022 9:00 am 100 CMB Siddhiaratchige Dinushini Meriam Siddhiararchi Chambers Ph.D. Mechanistic Investigations of Direct Photochemical C-H Bond Functionalization Mediated by Mo(VI) and W (VI) Dioxo Complexes.
10/7/2022  12:30 pm 210 Choppin Malitha Chathuranga Dickwella Widanage  Macnaughtan/Wang Ph.D. Structure and Dynamics of Fungal Cell Walls Using Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
10/12/2022 10:300 am 302  CMB Md. Ragib Hasan Spivak Ph.D. Polymer Mimetics for Soil Modeling and Detection of Biomarkers
10/18/2022 1:00 pm 202 CMB Xin Zhou Lee Ph.D. Synthesis of Carbon Nanohoops and Macrocycles via Alkyne Metathesis
10/28/2022 2:00 pm 100 CMB Ovini Vionika Weeratunge Weeratunge Kankanamge McCarley Ph.D. Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of NQO1-Activatable Luminescent Probes
12/9/2022  1:00 pm 202 CMB Ryan Joseph Bujol Elgrishi Ph.D. Anionic Supramolecular Coordination Cages Based on Catecholate Ligands: Synthesis, Electrochemical Properties, and Encapsulaion of Redox-Active Probes