Mission & Policy Statement

In response to the demand for merchandise bearing LSU indicia, LSU Trademark Licensing was instituted in 1981 to establish standards for the commercial use of its name, logos, trademarks, colors, slogans and symbols. The Trademark Licensing program was approved by the authority of the LSU Board of Supervisors and provided for in the Constitution and Revised Statutes (R. S. 51:224) of the State of Louisiana. “No person shall use for any commercial purpose any name, work, symbol, or device or any combination thereof which resembles the official name, symbol, seal, or logo of a public or accredited private educational institution except with the written consent of the public or private educational institution.”

Formal licensing procedures enable the University to share in the benefit derived from the commercial use of its name and logo.

Policy Statement 93 states the specifics regarding the use of the University’s name, registered marks, logos and other indicia.