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LSU Flagship grants & contracts for FY22

- of $324M for LSU statewide


Centers & Institutes

- to help facilitate advanced interdisciplinary research


NSF CAREER Awards in FY22

- National Science Foundation

Research Highlights

Visit “America’s Rocket Factory” where LSU helps NASA return to the Moon and read about a surprising link between your gut and your brain that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Our new issue of LSU Research Highlights is loaded with faculty recognitions and work to develop superwood for more resilient construction, support minority students and embed ethics in STEM, and learn why some birds—not others—are hip to change.

Research news on lots of animals—from sharks to shrews. Also, the recent discovery that a particular kind of mushroom can help treat an aggressive form of breast cancer that otherwise has limited treatment options.

Working for Louisiana

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is transforming research in every discipline in Louisiana and around the world. Applications go far beyond facial recognition and self-driving cars. They range from personalized cancer care to more efficient city services, as well as smarter tools to prevent cyber-attacks, grow more food, and protect people and critical infrastructure from flooding—even to create art.

The health of our people, the integrity of our coast, and the security and prosperity of our most important industries all depend on research and the development of new talent and technologies. Here, we share stories illustrating LSU’s commitment to agriculture, biotechnology, coast, defense, and energy.

LSU innovation in biotechnology is helping to heal Louisiana. From our bodies to our environment and food, biotech research is about understanding living systems at their deepest and smallest levels and then translating that knowledge to engineer new results.

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