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Recent Grant Successes

NSF Awards LSU College of the Coast & Environment Researchers to Determine Climate Change Impacts on Florida Stone Crabs
LSU Shatters Record in Garnering Grants and Contracts
LSU College of the Coast & Environment Receives More than $8 Million in Sponsord Research Awards
LSU Department of Marketing Professors Secure Sizable Grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents
LSU, Drexel Team Awarded Grant for Innovative Alloy Research


Working for Louisiana

Living with Water (September 2021)
Keys to Careers (April 2021)
Power on the Bayou (January 2021)
LSU Sets the Table (October 2020)
LSU Fights COVID-19 (July 2020)

Science Café

Join LSU Manship School of Mass Communication Associate Professor Meghan Sanders as she explores the effects of socially conscious entertainment and narratives in streaming series and how they resonate with Black audiences.

Distinguished Research Masters

LSU Distinguished Research Masters Pius Nkashama Ngandu and Robert P. Lipton present their work at the April 2021 award ceremony.