Research Highlights Newsletter


We share stories about impactful LSU innovations and individual and team achievements, while placing a grapefruit on the teacher’s desk. It’s mosquito season, after all.

Learn how LSU secured the largest NSF award in history to transform the future of energy in Louisiana, received two Under Secretary visits to campus in just one week, and created real buzz in a Louisiana prison (by teaching inmates beekeeping).

Delve into remarkable advances in coastal and energy research, historic achievements in research activity and patenting, and just a little bit of mystery.

Wound healing technology made from trees and new patents: One for gummy ball baits to put the wild pig pandemic on snooze, and one for water-powered lights to make it easier to grow algae, which can be used to make biofuels and biodegradable plastics.

We share stories on recent advances in cancer research, spectacularly colorful yet secretive marsh birds, and how it matters more in the workplace how big you feel versus how big you are—and more.

Our new issue features LSU research news of deltaic proportions by comparing human impacts on Louisiana land loss and detailing a new cyber partnership between the university and the state’s largest ports. Also, we investigate a truly hot potato and more.

Stories from outer space, cyber space, and the sea floor. Also, learn about LSU researchers’ work to account for the various, glorious Louisiana dialects in the assessment of language development problems, which on average affect two children in every classroom.

Visit “America’s Rocket Factory” where LSU helps NASA return to the Moon and read about a surprising link between your gut and your brain that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Our new issue of LSU Research Highlights is loaded with faculty recognitions and work to develop superwood for more resilient construction, support minority students and embed ethics in STEM, and learn why some birds—not others—are hip to change.

Research news on lots of animals—from sharks to shrews. Also, the recent discovery that a particular kind of mushroom can help treat an aggressive form of breast cancer that otherwise has limited treatment options.

We explore new clues to the lives of early human ancestors; innovative ways to use CO2—which we already have too much of in the atmosphere—to make key products, including soap and fabric; and research on how media can work to decrease political polarization.

How LSU leverages technology and training to keep Louisiana “in the game” in a changing film industry; how quantum technology can be used to quickly detect oil and gas leaks to help protect the environment and marine life; and what it’s like to vaccinate a 415-pound tiger.

Read all about how LSU will be the first university in the world to put research technology on the Moon and how LSU faculty and students are partnering with Our Lady of the Lake to treat opioid misuse as well as writing breakthrough astrophysics code to model stellar mergers.

Our new issue of LSU Research Highlights is out, with stories on how our coastal experts are helping the U.S. Army advance national security; LSU Museum of Art is adding works from underrepresented artists to its permanent collection; and alumna Linda Thomas-Greenfield promotes “gumbo diplomacy” as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Also, how LSU is helping state agencies with Louisiana vaccine distribution; how our researchers contributed to the development of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine; and are developing a smartphone sensor to quickly detect infection.

Hurricane storm surge forecasting, house sparrows who learn from each other to be more daring, wearable exoskeletons to protect construction workers, and more.

In our new issue of LSU Research Highlights, we catch you up the latest news—from space and the quantum realm, on fish and fruit, song and stuttering, COVID-19 testing and protection for the LSU Tigers football team, robots at the post office, and how LSU is helping to shine a light on incarceration and racial justice in America.

Our second special issue of LSU Research Highlights on COVID-19 features stories on what LSU is doing to combat health disparities across the state, help residents grow victory gardens, and explain why the milk always seems to be gone.

Saving Louisiana's state bird; neutrinos offering a clue as to why there is more matter than antimatter in the Universe; fighting pollution from dangerous waste sites; discovering a fountain of youth; an actual rockstar; and more.

In this special issue, discover what some of our experts are doing to find solutions to COVID-19. Through innovation, industry engagement, and by working with our communities, LSU researchers continue our fight for Louisiana.

The new issue of LSU Research Highlights is out, featuring efforts to use artificial intelligence to suggest new drugs that could save lives; the National Science Foundation to grant free LSU tuition to 21 cybersecurity students (as well as cash and jobs); our researchers made National Geographic’s list of top discoveries over the last decade; and more. (We managed to stick a tiny frog in here, too.)

This newsletter highlights recent stories across the research enterprise.

LSU in Washington; new AVPs; clean water in space; electric eels.

Our newsletter reporting recent LSU research successes.

Our newsletter reporting recent LSU research successes.

Our recap of LSU contributions to research around the world.

Newsletter presenting stories from across the research enterprise.

LSU rolls into New Orleans with the annual APLU conference, bringing together the nation's land-grant universities, and second lines out, and more stories.

The Protostripes Center at LSU Innovation Park expands and increases its prototype production, and more stories.

LSU ranked Top 10 in the South for best game design, and more stories.