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Recent Grant Successes

Climate Researchers Funded $5.4M to Study Weather Impacts
LSU Engineering, Education Faculty Project to Provide Opportunities for Low-Income, High-Achieving Students
Ochsner Health Establishes Ochsner Wellness Center at LSU
LSU NCBRT/ACE Chosen for Department of Justice Cooperative Agreement Award
Louisiana Changemakers Awarded LSU Reilly Center Grants to Move Forward with Community Collaborative Projects


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Working for Louisiana

Working for Louisiana

Securing Our Future (April 2022)
Living Systems (January 2022)
Living with Water (September 2021)
Keys to Careers (April 2021)
Power on the Bayou (January 2021)

Science Café

Dr. Patricia Persaud, an assistant professor of geophysics at LSU, studies earthquakes in Louisiana. During her talk she shows robust high-resolution seismic data and 3D mapping of specific areas in Louisiana where the Earth’s crust is changing due to natural and human causes.

Distinguished Research Masters

LSU Distinguished Research Masters Pius Nkashama Ngandu and Robert P. Lipton present their work at the April 2021 award ceremony.