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Clarivate Analytics report

Three LSU Faculty Among Top Cited Researchers 2018

On the heels of congratulating four LSU faculty on being among the highest cited research scholars in the world of all time, a new report was just released by Clarivate Analytics showing a different, and equally pleasing, view.




Four LSU Professors Among 2018 AAAS Fellows

“Congratulations to these four distinguished LSU faculty who are among the top scientific minds in the world. We celebrate their dedication to advancing knowledge in their respective fields as well as their proven commitment to inspiring our students in the classroom every day," said LSU President F. King Alexander.




No Paper? Big Problem

Joshua Darr, assistant professor at LSU's Manship School of Mass Communication, studies how local newspaper closures sway elections. With less local media, there's less information on candidates for office. Also, people turn to other media more loaded with partisan messaging.



Dr. Kevin Ringelman

Duck, Duck... Duck?

LSU students learn first-hand about duck hunting, gun safety and ecology as LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources Assistant Professor Kevin Ringelman found an interesting way to bring the lessons he teaches in the classroom to life.




LSU on streetcars

LSU Rolls into New Orleans with the Annual APLU Conference

LSU President F. King Alexander introduced keynote speaker Walter Isaacson at the 2018 Association of Public & Land-grant Universities (APLU) conference in New Orleans, remarking on how his role in the recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina matched the overarching conference theme of resilience.




Hot on Cancer's Trail

LSU chemical engineering seniors use microfluidics to study why cancer spreads: “We want to understand why breast cancer cells migrate in the way they do,” says Amy Morgan, a native of Broussard, Louisiana. “We want to understand why the cells detach from the tumor, travel through the bloodstream, exit the bloodstream, and grow a new tumor in another part of the body.”




Joshua Gorman

LSU Student Builds Own 3D Printer

Baton Rouge native Joshua Gorman needed a 3D printer to build a $20 robot, but he didn't have one. So he made one and now he's using it to also build other machines, such as a diode laser engraver/cutter, 3D scanner, and a desktop router/milling machine.



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