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Jonathan Dowling and Ward Plummer

LSU Gears Up for Quantum Race

When China launched the world’s first quantum science satellite in August of 2016, Jonathan Dowling, LSU professor and Hearne Chair of Theoretical Physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, called it a “Sputnik moment.” Now scholars from across the U.S. will gather on LSU campus for a two-day workshop about quantum research.





Hongliang Zhang, Navid Jafari and Chao Sun


Hongliang Zhang, Navid Jafari and Chao Sun, assistant professors at the LSU Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, secure funding for hurricane-related research projects to make us all safer, less wet, while also keeping the lights on.






Marsha Cole, Isiah Warner and Alicia Williams

The Chemistry of Diversity

Among the remarkable accomplishments of LSU Boyd Professor Isiah Warner, one stands out on a national scale. A few years into his tenure, Louisiana State University became the top producer of women and African-Americans with a Ph.D. in chemistry among all universities in the U.S. His students have a lot to say about him.



Artist depiction of loop quantum gravity effects in a black hole.

Beyond Black Holes, White Holes?

LSU Department of Physics & Astronomy Associate Professor Parampreet Singh and collaborators have developed new mathematical equations that refute the existence of black hole singularity, and hint that whatever goes into a black hole might not get crushed, but emerge again at another point in space-time.




Researcher Meagan Moore

"Marie" Might Be Heartless, but Could Save Lives

For the past year, LSU Biological and Agricultural Engineering senior Meagan Moore has been working to 3D-print the first actual-size “human body” for radiation therapy research. It took 136 hours and some soldering, friction stir welding, and sandblasting to connect "Marie's" parts.



Bendable concrete working group

Bendable Concrete

“Compared to typical concrete, our cost-effective ECC material has about 300 times more deformation capacity, more than two times the flexural strength, and a higher compressive strength,” said Gabriel Arce, a senior research associate in LSU’s Bert S. Turner Department of Construction Management and principal investigator on the LSU ECC project.



Clarivate Analytics report

Three LSU Faculty Among Top Cited Researchers 2018

On the heels of congratulating four LSU faculty on being among the highest cited research scholars in the world of all time, a new report was just released by Clarivate Analytics showing a different, and equally pleasing, view.



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