LSU Cares

You’re never alone at LSU. A network of people is always ready to help and support you through anything, so you can focus on your best college experience.

LSU Cares is dedicated to your wellbeing and to promoting a community that cares about each of its members.

Online Resources and Reporting

Browse the categories below to find the option that most relates to your issue or concern. Each category will provide resources, as well as a link to submit a concern. Students, faculty, staff, family members, and friends can submit reports about themselves or others they're worried about. Our team will review your report and connect you or the person of concern with support and resources. 

Thank you for making LSU a safer and healthier campus.

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Experiencing an emergency?

Go to a safe place and dial 911 or call:
LSU Police at 225-578-3231
ThePhone, 24-Hour Crisis and Emotional Support: Call or text 225-924-LSU1 (5781) or chat online with a Paraprofessional Counselor.

Once you are safe, consider filing a report with the police or submitting a report through LSU Cares below.

Issues or behavior concerning the wellbeing of a student that are perceived to be harmful, worrisome, or threatening (to the individual student or to others) are forwarded to the C.A.R.E. Team, who will assess, consult, and respond to the concern or incident.

Issues or behavior concerning poor or struggling academic performance (e.g., excessive class absences, excessive tardiness, failing or poor grades, etc.), not academic misconduct, are forwarded to the Academic Intervention Team (AIT).

Submit a Student of Concern Report

Experiencing an incident of sexual assault, discrimination, or violation is shocking, confusing, and disorienting. Afterwards, you may not know what to do or where to go.

The goal of LSU's Office of Civil Rights & Title IX is to ensure you receive appropriate support, receive due process, and are treated respectfully and fairly.

Connect to Domestic and Sexual Violence Support and Reporting

We want victims of hazing, or anyone who knows or suspects someone who’s a victim of hazing, to feel empowered to report incidents within the university community. You will never suffer university consequences for filing a report about hazing or suspected hazing. LSU prohibits hazing, in any form, of any member of the university community.

Connect to Hazing Resources

Submit a Hazing Incident or Suspicion

Issues or concerns with a student, individual, or department at LSU or a group of students that may constitute an act(s) of bias or discrimination should be reported here.

Submit a bias or discrimination concern.

Issues or behavior concerning poor or struggling academic performance (e.g., excessive class absences, excessive tardiness, failing or poor grades, etc.), not academic misconduct, are forwarded to the Academic Intervention Team (AIT).

Submit an academic intervention concern.

Alleged academic violations include collaboration, collusion, copying, failure to follow course requirements, plagiarism, and utilizing unauthorized resources. These examples of academic misconduct should be reported here.

Submit an academic misconduct concern.

Alleged behavioral violations by an individual of the Code of Student Conduct include the consumption of drugs or alcohol, disorderly conduct, failure to comply, theft, vandalism, weapons, and more. They should be reported here.

Submit a behavioral misconduct concern.

Alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct by a registered student organization should be reported here.

Submit an organization misconduct concern.

We are committed to helping students through pregnancy and parenting and can help with making a plan for the semester, contacting faculty for various reasons, connecting students to pregnancy and parenting resources, and developing a strong support system on campus. LSU students seeking assistance with any pregnancy and parenting-related matters can submit their needs here.

Submit a student pregnancy or parenting need.


Don't see what you're looking for?

If you've browsed the drop-down options above and feel none of the options relate to your concern or issue, please click the button below to file a grievance or customized report. We want anyone—whether you're personally experiencing an issue or you're a bystander to someone else experiencing trouble—to let us know what's happening on our campus.



LSU Police and Campus Safety

The LSU Police Department works to ensure campus safety, crime prevention, and response. If you witness any suspicious behavior, we ask you report it immediately by dialing 911 or by using the LSU Shield app.


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Mental Health & Wellness

LSU's Student Health Center offers mental health services and wellness resources to support your wellbeing.