How to Become a Licensee

Louisiana State University currently has a trademark licensing agency agreement in place for licenses to be obtained through the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) on each LSU institution’s behalf. Any company that desires to use the trademarks of any LSU institution on products must obtain a separate license for each LSU institution they are producing products for.

The information below outlines the licensing process to obtain an LSU license via CLC.

What is a License to Produce LSU Products?

A license to produce LSU products is an agreement that is formed between the University, via its licensing agent the Collegiate Licensing Company, and the company producing products bearing the marks of LSU. An approved license agreement provides companies with the ability to add value to their products by using LSU trademarks and logos on them.

What is the Collegiate Licensing Company?

The Collegiate Licensing Company is the licensing agent for all LSU institutions. As the University’s licensing agent, CLC assists with various administrative functions of the LSU Trademark Licensing program, including processing licensing applications, collecting royalty payments, protecting trademarks, and pursuing new market opportunities for the University.

Who can enter into a Licensing Agreement with LSU?

Anyone who wishes to obtain a license to produce products bearing the LSU trademarks/logos must submit a licensing application via CLC for the University’s review.

How do I start the Licensing Process with LSU?

To obtain a licensing application, visit CLC’s website and click on Licensing Info. The Apply Now link on the Licensing Information page will allow you to submit a request for a licensing application. You can also visit the Licensing Information page for information about the various License Types and Business Considerations involved with collegiate licensing. View the Contact Information page on the CLC site for additional contact info.

What is the Licensing Process?

LSU Trademark Licensing evaluates each licensing application on a case by case basis and must grant approval of the completed application before any merchandise can be produced for retail sale. This process ensures that every product bearing the marks of LSU will be of a high quality, and protects all parties, including the University, from future liability. The licensing process can vary in length due a number of factors outlined on the Application Timeline and Licensing Fees links on the Licensing Information page.

How much will a License cost?

For information on the cost/expenses you can expect, please click the Licensing Fees link on the Licensing Information page or contact CLC.