Information on LSU Trademarks

LSU’s Trademark Licensing program began in 1981. The three purposes of the program are to protect the University’s indicia, promote the University, and to generate funds which are used for general University endeavors including scholarships, Athletic programs and various other needs.


What is an LSU Trademark?

A trademark is any word, name, symbol or device, or any combination thereof, used to identify or distinguish the source of a good from those of others. LSU owns and protects multiple trademarks including, without limitation, its name, logos, colors, slogans, mascot and other indicia.

The unauthorized use of the University’s protected marks in a manner that is likely to lead to consumer confusion as to source, affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, approval, etc. or likely to dilute the strength of the University’s mark may violate the University’s trademark rights and may give rise to various causes of action under federal and state law. Use of the University’s protected marks without permission from the University or its authorized trademark licensing representative, Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), may subject you to criminal and/or civil penalties.


LSU Sports Schedules

Many local businesses create advertisements, magnets, mailers and other marketing materials for their customers that include LSU sports schedules. These sports schedules, in and of themselves on the basis of their informational content, are not covered by LSU’s Trademark Licensing Program so long as the way they are presented is purely informational and does not otherwise represent a use of LSU indicia. Over the years, there have been promotional sports schedules with trademark infringement issues that have required University action. LSU Trademark Licensing is willing to review proposed sports schedule designs to prevent such infringement issues. The LSU Sports Schedule Policy is intended to serve as guidance during the design process.