Pregnancy Resources for Students

At LSU, we want to ensure all students have the resources needed in order to succeed and achieve their academic goals. Students who become pregnant while in school may become overwhelmed with questions and it is our goal to help those students navigate the resources available to them during their pregnancy and parenting journey.

We welcome our students to engage with our pregnancy advocates to make a post-partum plan, so that when baby arrives, you feel comfortable and confident during your school absence. 

Make a Plan

The Office of the Dean of Students can assist you with making a plan for the semester, contacting faculty, connecting to resources and developing a strong support system on campus during your pregnancy. Please let us know if you would like someone from our office to contact you to discuss plans and resources. You can email, call 225-578-4307 or submit a Pregnancy Needs report through the LSU Cares online reporting system. 

LSU cares about students and the Office of the Dean of Students is committed to assisting students with pregnancy needs. Below are frequently ask questions by students to help answer questions you may have during your pregnancy journey.

Student FAQs

If you are pregnant and having a pregnancy without complications, but need some additional assistance, Student Advocacy would be the place to begin seeking assistance. Visit the Student Advocacy & Accountability website for a list of resources.

If you are having complications in your pregnancy and have specific medical limitations, Disability Services can offer accommodations.

Absences related to childbirth and pregnancy are excused absences. A student experiencing such absences can seek advocacy for communication with faculty about these absences and a reasonable make-up plan. 

Yes.  Student Advocacy has trained pregnancy advocates throughout campus for just this purpose.  If you would like to be assigned to an advocate, please fill out the following Student Pregnancy or Parenting Needs form.

The student should be allowed to make up this work without penalty if the absence is excused.

No.  Absences, due to childbirth, pregnancy related issues or medical conditions, should not have an impact on participation grades or in-class assignments. The faculty should offer reasonable, alternative ways to make up this work.

No.  A student experiencing any concerns with a faculty or staff member of this nature should report this occurrence to our Title IX Office

Yes. If there are any accommodations needs, it is best to address these as early as possible.  Student Advocacy or Disability Services would be involved if there are specific accommodation needs present.

No. We provide the same services to all students free of any form of discrimination. LSU strives to provide resources and options for students who are pregnant and parenting to meet these specific needs.  Student Advocacy has over 48-trained advocates for students who need assistance with pregnancy or parenting related concerns. 

Any such remark or concerning behavior from a faculty or staff member should be reported to the Title IX Office.

No. If a student maintains the criteria for their particular scholarship, they cannot lose the scholarship.

If negative grades or absences, resulting from pregnancy complications occur, this could be considered if the scholarship has an appeal process.  Student Advocacy can be a support if you are in this situation and are unsure about your options.

Yes. Thanks to our Pregnancy & Parenting Program we have several options and lactation spaces on our campus. Our lactation space map includes pictures and room information.  LSU is also a Designated Breastfeeding Workplace Champion.

Yes. The student should contact Title IX or Student Advocacy to ensure this has been successfully addressed.