Baton Rouge Adoption and Foster Care

  • As a prospective birth parent or adoptive family in Baton Rouge, you may have several questions about placing a baby for adoption or adopting a child in Louisiana. There are many adoption professionals in the area who can assist you through the process and answer your questions. Read on to learn more about adoption in Baton Rouge, and find additional resources and information on our How to Adopt in Louisiana page.

American Adoptions

  • You can’t (and shouldn’t have to) complete an adoption in Baton Rouge on your own. If you’re thinking about starting the Louisiana adoption process, you’ll first need to collect all the necessary local resources and connect with the right professionals in your area.

    The American Adoptions page has made it easy for you to find everything you’ll need, whether you’re hoping to adopt or you need to place a child for adoption in Baton Rouge. This is the ultimate guide to the adoption process for Baton Rouge residents.

St. Elizabeth's Foundation

  • Giving a baby a loving home can complete your family and provide the child with the best opportunities. The St. Elizabeth's Foundation has helped more than 600 babies find loving homes, and your family could be one of them. We’re here to support the birth mothers through their process and decisions, and we’re here for the adopting families as well.

Beacon House Adoption Services

  • Beacon House Adoption Services is a licensed 501 C-3 Non-Profit Adoption Agency with offices in Louisiana, Florida and Mississippi. Founded in 1989, Beacon House Adoption Services has a long tradition of working with adoptive families and birth parents throughout the United States. Beacon House Adoption Services no waiting list policy, in-house recruitment of Birth-mothers, low staff turnover, and over 28 years’ experience contribute to the high success rate of our Domestic Infant Adoption Program. Contact Beacon House Adoption Services today!