Departmental Use: Setup Guide for Creating a Lactation Space

Creating a lactation space for your employees

LSU offers several lactation rooms for nursing mother on campus, but if there is a high demand in your office, contact about the need for a space in your building. Our committee members will then discuss with the departmental unit about potential rooms. If you are a building coordinator looking to make a room a space, recommendations and guidelines are below:

  • Locate an accessible area that is equipped for someone to comfortably sit for an extended period of time. This space cannot be a restroom, due to not meeting requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
  • The door for the room must be able to lock, which will allow the nursing mother to have privacy.
  • Do your best to provide a sink so breast pump equipment can be cleaned.
  • Create access to an electrical outlet.
  • Obtain a comfortable chair and a small table. 
  • Identify the room with a lactation space sign. 
  • Once complete, add lactation room to the lactation map. To do so, contact
  • To request supplies for the space, contact

Needing Modifications to the Space?

  • If the room could meet recommendations but will need some modifications, please contact Facility Services at 578-3186.