Bin Chen

bin chen

Bachelor's Degree(s): Peking University, 1996
PhD: University of Minnesota, 2001
PostDoc: University of Pennsylvania, 2001-2003


Area of Interest

Among the greatest challenges for molecular simulation are the limited time and spatial scales that can be afforded using the current computer technology and simulation algorithms, especially when applied to complex biochemical problems. The goals of our research are to greatly expand the territory accessible to molecular simulation by circumventing these constraints and to develop an atom-based approach that can be used as a practical tool to provide important molecular-level information for long time-scale events of chemical, biological, and environmental interest. This research direction is fueled by our recent development of an aggregation-volume-bias Monte Carlo based technique that led to a series of successful studies of rare vapor-liquid nucleation events. Given that nucleation can be viewed as a common theme between the long time-scale events involved in phase transitions and those occurring in a broad range of biochemical systems (such as self-assembly and folding) due to the strong resemblance of their thermodynamic and kinetic characteristics, we see an opportunity to extend the methodology developed here to a wide range of challenging long time-scale problems. Some of this work has been featured as cover-pages of both June 14, 2007 and January 28, 2008 issues of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, and both June 18, 2009 and September 2, 2010 issues of Journal of Physical Chemistry C.


Selected Publications

T.D. Loeffler, A. Sepehri, and B. Chen, ‘An improved Monte Carlo scheme for efficient particle transfer in heterogeneous systems in the grand canonical ensemble: Application to vapor-liquid nucleation’, J. Chem. Theory Comput., accepted for publication (2015).

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