Instruments, Services & Rates

This page summarizes the costs associated with each instrument. The facility offers the following services:

Proteomics: qualitative and quantitative, label-free or labelled (TMT) Metabolomics: polar metabolites and lipidomics  MALDI and MALDI imaging (including automated matrix deposition) HRMS of small molecules
TLC plate extraction and MS  Targeted quantification of metabolites, small molecules and intact proteins GC-MS analysis of volatile compounds  


A brief summary of the services provided with each platform is given under the insturment name

All rates are:

  • per injection if run by MSF personnel.
  • per sample if run by users on the Agilent GC-MS.
  • per hour if run by user on the Bruker UltrafleXreme MALDI or Bruker rapifleX  MALDI (both with a minimum charge of 1 hour), and the Advion CMS (with a minimum charge of 15 minutes).
  • Per hour of gradient on the Q-Exactive (with a minimum charge of 1 hour)

Please note that you can get access to the user rates even if the MSF is running the samples by provide "ready to run" samples and analyze the raw data on your own.

Complex analysis may require specific kits and procedures (e.g., proteomics). In this case, please contact the facility for a more accurate estimate of your experiment's costs.

Thermo Scientific Q-Exactive

Services: proteomics

Q-E full

Q-E source

Q-E Inlet

Q-E logo

The Thermo Scientific Q-Exactive mass spectrometer is coupled to a Thermo Scientific Ultimate 3000 RSLC nanoLC system and it is dedicated to bottom up proteomics. This platform was established with funds from the 2018 Comprehensive Enhancement Board of Regents grant titled "Enhancing the Capabilities of the Shared Laboratory for Macro- and Bio-Macromolecular Research [SLMBR]” (PI Dr. Mario Rivera, Chemistry). Samples that can be analyzed with this system range from single protein gel band to complex cell and tissue lysates.

To provide accessible rates for complex proteomics experiments, we build sample preparation kits tailored to the specific needs of the experiment. Please contact us to discuss your experiment and we will provide estimates based on the specific details of your research.

Technique LSU Campus Academic outside LSU Industry
Proteomics LC 45 60 130
Intact proteins flow-through 36 48 130

Waters Synapt XS

Services: metabolomics and lipidomics, HRMS

syanpt whole system

syanpt source

synapt pump

synapt logo

The Waters Synapt XS platform comprises a Quadrupole Time of Flight mass spectrometer with ion mobility capabilities coupled to a Acquity premiere UPLC system. The platform was established with a 2022 NIH S10 grant (AWD-AM211427, PI Dr. Kermit Murray, Chemistry). The system is designed to provide state-of-the-art metabolomics and lipidomics capabilities with both RP and HILIC separation options. The platform relies on Progenesis QI for automated data analysis, including statistical evaluation of the experiments.

Technique LSU Campus Academic outside LSU Industry
ESI-Q-TOF MS Flow-through (Staff run) 23 31 130
ESI-Q-TOF-LC-MS (Staff run) 34 45 130
ESI-Q-TOF-LC-MS/MS 50 67 130


Bruker rapifleX MALDI TOF/TOF

Services: MALDI, LDI and Mass Spec Imaging

rapiflex whole system


rapiflex laser spot size

rapiflex source and side

rapiflex smartbeam design

The Bruker rapifleX MALDI TOF/TOF Tissuetyper platform comprises a MALDI TOF/TOF instrument with an innovative 3D smartbeam laser and a 5 GSample/second detector. In addition, the platform includes a HTX 3+ automatic sprayer for matrix deposition, and SCilS software for automated data analysis of MALDI imaging data. The platform was established with a 2022 NSF MRI grant (2215823, PI Dr. Kermit Murray, Chemistry). The rapifleX is the fastest MALDI instrument built and can provide "true pixel" (=entire pixel area is analyzed) MS imaging capabilities down to 20 µm pixel size. The system also allows precise analysis of target molecules by means of tandem MS acquisition, which is available also in imaging mode.


Technique LSU Campus Academic outside LSU Industry
MALDI RapifleX MS (Staff run) 32 44 130
MALDI RapifleX MS/MS (Staff run) 67 83 130
MALDI RapifleX Imaging (Staff run) 67 83 130
MALDI RapifleX MS(User run) 26 N/A N/A
MALDI RapifleX MS/MS (User run) 60 N/A N/A
MALDI RapifleX Imaging (User run) 60 N/A N/A


Agilent 6230 ESI TOF

Services: HRMS and small molecules analysis

ESI TOF instrument

ESI TOF source


ESI TOF Sampler

The Agilent ESI TOF 6230 is an exact mass LC equipped mass spectrometer capable of > 10,000 resolution, 2 ppm mass accuracy and sensitivity as low as 1 pg per injection. Analysis can be performed using either of the two available sources: electrospray ionization with Agilent Jet Stream ESI source or Multimode Source (ESI/APCI). Samples can be introduced into the instrument with either direct injection for purified samples or through an LC column for further separation. The instrument provides mass analysis and mass validation in support of organic, inorganic and biological compounds. 

Technique LSU Campus Academic Outside LSU Industry
ESI-TOF Flow-through (Staff run) 23 31 130
ESI-TOF LC (Staff run) 34 45 130
ESI-TOF Flow-through (User run) 18 N/A N/A
ESI-TOF LC (User run) 29 N/A N/A

Bruker Amazon Speed ETD Ion Trap

Services: targeted (MRM) analysis, small molecules quantifcation, intact protein analysis

Bruker Amazon

Bruker Amazon Source

Bruker Amazon Inlet

Amazon computer data

This ion trap mass spectrometer is among the fastest on the market. It can be equipped with an ESI ion source or a Captive Spray ion source for nanospray analysis at increased sensitivity. The mass spectrometer is coupled to a Dionex Ultimate 3000 LC system. The system is mainly used for fast chromatography MS and tandem MS analysis, with a focus on small molecules quantification and protein MW determination.

Technique LSU Campus Academic Outside LSU Industry
IT-LC-MS (Staff run) 33 44 130
IT-LC-MS/MS (Staff run) 51 68 130
IT-MS Flow-through (Staff run) 22 29 130
IT-MS Intact protein (Staff run) 27 36 130
IT-LC-MS (User run) 27 N/A N/A
IT-LC-MS/MS (User run) 44 N/A N/A
IT-MS Flow-through (User run) 16 N/A N/A
IT-MS Intact protein (User run) 22 N/A N/A


Services: volatile small molecules analysis

Through a collaboration with the teaching units of the Chemistry department the MSF offers also GC-MS single quad analysis capabilities. Please contact us for more information.

Technique LSU Campus Academic Outside LSU Industry
GC-MS (Staff run) 18 24 60
GCMS (User Run) 16 N/A N/A


Advion CMS platform with PlateExpress TLC reader 

Services: low resolution small molecule analysis, direct extraction and MS of TLC plates 

Advion CMS

Advion PlateReader

Advion APCI Source

Advion ESI Source

The Advion CMS system is a multisource platform that include a TLC extraction plate, thus making it the ideal solution for quick characterization of complex organic mixtures. The availability of ESI, APCI, and ASAP ionization makes it possible to ionize a broad range of chemicals in conditions that other instrument are not able to accommodate (e.g., high amount of organic solvents such as ethylacetate or dichloromethane). This instrument allows extraction of a spot from a TLC plate, which is a unique feature of this platform.


Technique LSU Campus Academic Outside LSU Industry
Advion Expression (Staff run) 4 N/A N/A
Advion Expression (user run) 4 N/A N/A

The minimum advion booking time is 15 min.

Other MS services

The LSU MSF offers data analysis and sample preparation services such as buffer exchange, proteomics sample preparation, SPE purification and others. Further details and exact costs of each kit can be requested by contacting the facility.

Technique LSU Campus Academic Oustide LSU Industry
Data analysis 45 45 45
Special Analysis Cost of kit
+ instrument charge
Cost of kit
+ instrument charge
Cost of kit
+ instrument charge
Method development 50 50 50