Mass Spectrometry Facility

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The Louisiana State University Mass Spectrometry Facility provides analytical support for the Chemistry Department and other academic departments at LSU, researchers at other universities, and customers from private industry.

The navigation menu above provides specific information about the facility:

  • Services & Rates: This section provides information about instruments and services available to users with the current rates.
  • Grant Support: This section provides an electronic form to request the support of the facility for your grants.
  • Submission Forms: This section provides information and forms to submit a sample to the MSF, including instruction about how to prepare your sample and where to bring it.
  • Instrument Booking & Training: This section provides information about how to book the currently available user operated instruments. It also provides forms to sign up for training and request access to specific laboratories.
  • Protocols & Software: This section contains links and descriptions of protocols, example datasets, regulations, software, and more. We continue adding material and visitors can share protocols to upload as well.
  • About us: This section provides information about the facility such as personnel, location and mailing addresses, info about how to cite our instrumentation in published works, etc. It also provides links to sign up for our mailing list and forms to contact us.