John Pojman

john pojman

Professor - Polymers & Nonlinear Chemical Dynamics
Bachelor's Degree(s): Georgetown University, 1984
PhD: University of Texas at Austin, 1988
PostDoc: Brandeis, 1988-90

Research Team Site: Pojman Group Site

Awards & Honors

Basic Research Award, The University of Southern Mississippi, 1998
USM Innovation Award for Basic Research, 2005
Mississippi Section of the American Chemical Society “Chemist of the Year”, 2006

Chair, "Oscillations and Dynamics Instabilities in Chemical Systems" Gordon Conference, Lewiston, Maine, July 2004.
Khan, A. M. "Free-Radical Frontal Polymerization:  Self-Propagating Thermal Reaction Waves,"J. Chem. Soc. Faraday Trans. 1996, 92, 2824-2836.

Former Ph.D. Students & Postodcs

Prof. Dionne Fortenberry, Mississippi University for Women
Prof. Lydia L. Lewis, Millsaps College
Prof. Brian McFarland, University of the Ozarks (AK)
Dr. Randy Washington, Proctor & Gamble (OH)
Dr. Victor Ilyashenko, IPG Photonics Corp. (MA)

Dr. Yuri Chekanov (Michellin,France)
Dr.. Stanislav Solovyov (MA)

Dr. William West, Ciba (AL)