ALEKS Chem Prep

The LSU Chemistry Department offers a required Chem Prep course to help you prepare for success in Chemistry 1201. Chem Prep is an online course offered through the ALEKS platform.  This Chem Prep course has proven to be extremely helpful in improving success in Chem 1201 at LSU.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will take the Chem Prep course before the start of the Fall 2022 semester. You must complete the course prior to Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at midnight.  The average student will require 14 hours of work but some students might require as much as 50 hours of work.  No partial credit will be given for completion after this deadline.  The Chemistry faculty strongly encourage you to finish the ALEKS Prep Chem course over the summer months prior to the start of classes.

Your mastery score in ALEKS counts for 3% of your Chem 1201 course grade.  You must master 90% of the topics in ALEKS prior to the deadline to receive full credit.  No partial credit will be given.  Mastering less than 90%  results in a grade of 0.

Yes, you must redo the Prep Chem assignment for the current semester even if you have already passed in a previous semester.

After clicking this link, Choose the option, "No I need to purchase an access code". 

ALEKS Registration Page

There is a $27 fee for 6 weeks of access that is paid directly to ALEKS using a credit card.  The 6 week ALEKS course should provide ample time for you to reach 90% mastery.  Purchase one of the longer courses if you feel you will require more time.  You only need access to ALEKS until you reach 90% mastery.

ALEKS charges separately for each product you use, so you must pay for the chemistry course even if you have already paid for a Math ALEKS product.

No, it is not a prerequisite for Chem 1201.  However, the Chemistry Prep Chem Course is a required component in your course grade for Chem 1201.  If you elect not to do it, you will receive a score of 0 for 3% of your course grade.

In ALEKS, when you are looking at your knowledge pie, click on “Continue my Path”.  Then select a topic and begin working.

My Career Path Sceen Shot showing where to select a topic

In order to receive full credit, you need 90% of the topics mastered.  The number in the center of your pie should read 90% or higher (or 113 topics or higher).

There is no exam, test, or knowledge check that must be passed with a score of 90% or greater.  To calculate your % mastery look up your class progress. 

Class progress / total topics x 100 = % Mastery.

Make sure your pie has 90% or greater. 

Pie charts indicating what a score will look like

The Chemistry Prep Course consists of basic math needed for success in Chem 1201 and topics from high school chemistry.  Your Chem 1201 instructors will assume you have this basic knowledge at the start of the semester.

Additional questions about ALEKS?

Contact the ALEKS support team, not your instructor. They are very helpful, accessible and prompt!

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Note: There is a great FAQ resource that can be found under the menu called “Tell me more about ALEKS.”

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