Soft Interview Room

soft interview room flyer

The LSU Police Department is the first SEC PD to have a "Project Beloved" Soft Interview Room. In fact, we are #44 in the nation of soft interview rooms to be implemented by Project Beloved. The soft interview room is just one step in the direction of a Trauma Informed Response (TIC). It is a safe space for the victim/survivor. 

The room is made to be a comfortable space with lamps equipped with soft lighting, an essential oil diffuser, and essential oil rollers. The room has comfortable seating with a weighted blanket and an area rug. All of this has a significant impact and allows the participant to feel physically and emotional safe. 

The goal with implementing the Soft Interview Room is to encourage survivors of violence to come forward, to give them that safe space, and to let them know that we will do everything that we can to help them with that process. 

For more information about TIC, please visit the Project Beloved website.