Alcohol Awareness

Effects of Alcohol on an individual:

  • Acts as a central nervous system depressant, which affects mostly the brain.
  • It slows down the ability to think and react.
  • It slows down the ability to use small muscle control.
  • As a person continues to drink, it affects their ability to breath.
  • Impairs judgment, decision making, reaction time, and vision.

Who is at risk?

  • Any person that has a family history of alcohol abuse.
  • Certain groups, including athletes, fraternity and sorority members.
  • Individuals that are struggling academically.
  • Individuals that are struggling with family or relationship issues.

Consequences of consuming alcohol:

  • Getting arrested and going to jail.
  • May be placed on probation.
  • Paying expensive fines.
  • Losing academic credit or financial aid, or worse, being suspended or expelled.
  • Inability to obtain employment.

Underage drinking has severe consequences and LSU Police takes this very seriously!

The legal BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) for a person under 21 is .02g%. This is typically only TWO drinks! If driving while intoxicated, you are subject to arrest. Refer to LRS 14:98

In 2018, LSU revised PS-78 (Policy Statement 78 - Serving, Possessing and Consuming of Alcoholic Beverages) given that misuse of alcohol has been identified as a primary negative behavior that can contribute to hazing. 

Know What to Do in an Alcohol Emergency:

  • Drinking too much alcohol can result in serious complications. Do not allow someone to “sleep it off”.
  • If vomiting occurs and the person is unconscious, put the person on his/her side to prevent choking.
  • Call 911 and seek medical attention immediately. Stay with the person until help arrives.
student wearing simulation goggles