Automobile Safety

Safety Tips When Driving/Parking:

  • Always lock your car. 
  • Never leave windows down while vehicle is unattended.
  • Do not leave valuables visible inside your vehicle. Lock the items in the trunk or back area of SUV. 
  • Keep gas tank over 1/2 full at all times. 
  • Always pay attention to where you park; avoid coming back to a parking lot and having to take time to find where you parked your vehicle. 
  • When walking back to your vehicle, be aware of your surroundings. 
  • Have your keys ready and available before heading to your vehicle. 
  • Do not hit the unlock button until you are close to your vehicle. 
  • Check the back seat/rear area before getting into your vehicle. 
  • Close and lock your doors as soon as you get into your vehicle. 
  • If it is dark out, park near a light. 
  • NEVER offer a ride to someone you don't know or someone you barely know. 
  • If you suspect that you are being followed, dial 911 and drive to a police/fire station or open place of business. 
  • Do not stop to help occupants of a stopped or disabled vehicle. Dial 911 so that the proper authorities may be dispatched to help.