Suspicious Package

If a suspicious package is received or found on campus, call LSU Police by dialing 911. Do NOT handle or get near the package!

Suspicious Package Tips:

  • strange odors
  • bag, backpack, box, package left in odd place
  • protruding wires or foil
  • excessive securing material, such as masking tape or string
  • wrapped in brown paper with twine
  • grease stains or discolored paper
  • visual distraction (ie: brightly colored, wrapping paper, bows, etc)
  • excessive postage
  • incorrect titles on package
  • titles but no names
  • misspelling of common words
  • excessive weight
  • rigid envelope
  • lopsided or uneven envelope
  • no return address
  • insufficient postage
  • the addressee is not familiar with the name or address of the sender
  • the addressee is not expecting a package
  • return address and postmark are not from the same area
  • foreign mail, air mail, or special delivery
  • restrictive markings such as confidential, personal, etc.