This program started in 2013 as a way for LSU Police to be even more visible to campus residents. Currently, there is a total of 17 communities on the LSU campus and each community is designated an Adopt-A-Hall Officer. Adopt-A-Hall connects LSU students and Police

LSU Police also engage and participate in many programs involving campus halls. The program, Behind Closed Doors, gives the Resident Assistants (RA) an opportunity to role play for different situations that they may encounter throughout the academic year. Each scenario lasts approximately 30 minutes to one hour. LSU Police Officers are able to assist in any questions that may arise from these encounters, to help give the RAs the tools necessary to respond accordingly. 

LSU Police are also involved in the Crisis Response Panel, in which the Residence Coordinators (RC) and Resident Assistants (RA) have the opportunity to discuss mental health resources available to the LSU community. They also discuss how to interact with LSU Police during/after a crisis, how to interact with students in crisis, and much more. 

In addition to the above, there are Fall and Spring Safety events, safety and security presentations, and self-defense classes, just to name a few. 

Request a Police Officer for an event.

Police information session at a residence hall