Attempted Kidnapping/Simple Assault – August 25, 2022


August 25, 2022

Clery incident

Attempted Kidnapping/Simple Assault


Near Acadian Hall


LSU Police were notified on the night of 8/25/2022 of an attempted kidnapping/simple assault that occurred earlier in the day on campus near Acadian Hall. LSU Police met with the victim, who ordered food from a delivery service, and the encounter with the delivery person led to attempted kidnapping/simple assault. This remains an active investigation. If you have any information related to the incident, please contact LSU Police. Submit anonymous information to LSU Police or call directly at 225-578-3231. 

This incident is unrelated to the second degree kidnapping that was reported earlier this week, which is still under investigation and should be nearing a conclusion. 

As a result of the victim in this case using appropriate protocols, the delivery driver is being identified. Some important safety tips to remember when using a rideshare or delivery service is to confirm the name of the driver and make of the vehicle, utilize these services with others present, and report all crimes (actual, attempted or suspected) to the police immediately. 

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Through investigation, detectives were able to identify the suspect, and on August 29, he met with detectives at the LSU Police Department, where he was arrested and charged with simple battery and simple assault, based on the evidence obtained in the case.