Course Design & Proposals

Course Design

The course proposal forms are proficiency based and contain four main sections:

  1. course information
  2. primary proficiency and assignments
  3. assessment process
  4. secondary and tertiary proficiencies (optional),

Before submitting a course proposal, please review the required course criteria below. A complete proposal will include the signed signature page and a sample syllabus. The sample syllabus must include a statement declaring that this course is an ILC course in the chosen Board of Regents Area and that, as such, material in the course addresses students’ achievement of (list selected proficiency or proficiencies).

Course Design Components

Proposal and Submission

Course Proposal Forms

Courses wanting to be considered for the ILC program will choose a primary proficiency and complete the corresponding course proposal form. All completed proposals and supporting documents should be emailed to Integrative Learning Core. Before submitting an ILC course proposal, please ensure all components in the checklist are complete. Further information on the ILC Course Proposal Process is provided.

ILC Course Proposal Forms by Proficiency

Once course proposals are completed, the ILC Course Proposal Signature Page should completed prior to submission.

Course Submissions

Proposals for new courses should be initially submitted to the Faculty Senate Courses and Curricula Committee, in accordance with Policy Statement 45. Once approval received from the Courses and Curricula Committee, the course coordinator will be notified and the course coordinator should submit the proposal to the Faculty Senate ILC (FSILC) Committee at Existing courses seeking ILC approval should be submitted directly to the FSILC Committee.