Louisiana Board of Regents

Statewide General Education Requirements

The Louisiana Board of Regents recognizes that all undergraduate academic credentials should contain a broad-based common educational experience that enhances students’ ability to describe, interpret, and analyze their world. In addition to building awareness of a wide range of material and enriching the academic experience, general education should promote intellectual inquiry through basic content and methodology and contribute to the graduate’s ability to communicate effectively in oral and written English. The Board of Regents sets forth this requirement in Academic Affairs Policy 2.16

Students are required to complete 39 hours of courses designed to provide a breadth of knowledge across the Board of Regents six disciplinary areas:

  • English Composition
  • Mathematics/Analytical Reasoning
  • Natural Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Fine arts
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences

LSU meets the statewide general education requirements set forth by the Board of Regents through the Integrative Learning Core (ILC) program.