LSU alumni make up 2 of every 3 Louisiana physicians, dentists, and veterinarians. With two health sciences centers in New Orleans and Shreveport and a research center dedicated to biomedical research—Pennington Biomedical—working alongside our Flagship and other campuses throughout the state, LSU is in the business of saving and improving lives and tackling our biggest health challenges, such as cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

Donna Bailey and Dr. Brian Elkins

Driving Agricultural Innovation by Growing People First

Innovation isn’t always about the latest technology. Sometimes it’s about transforming an organization by making its people happier, healthier and more successful. At RoyOMartin, Louisiana’s largest landowner and maker of wood products, LSU alumna Donna Bailey and LSU/LSU Health Shreveport alumnus Dr. Brian Elkins have helped build an educational system as well as a healthcare system—within the company—to support RoyOMartin employees and their families.

Barbara Griffin

Caring for People in Central Louisiana

As head of nursing at Rapides Regional Medical Center in Alexandria, LSUA nursing alumna Barbara Griffin is not only providing critically needed medical care for people in Central Louisiana, but also ensuring jobs and professional advancement for hundreds of LSUA nursing alumni.

Claire Berryman and Stephen Hennigar

Optimizing Military Health and Performance

Scientists Claire Berryman and Stephen Hennigar joined LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center to build on three decades as the leading academic provider of nutrition science for the Department of Defense.

LSU veterinary medicine students

State Investment in LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Helps Address National Vet Shortage

Initial $2.2 million in state investment is propelling the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine toward a bold goal of almost doubling admissions by next year from 120 to 200.

Wild pig mandala

LSU Develops Patent-Pending Bait to Fight the ‘Pigdemic’

Wild, invasive pigs cause more than $90 million in damage to Louisiana farms each year and pose a growing threat to the environment, people and other animals.

Center for Medical Education and Emerging Viral Threats

LSU Health Shreveport Expansion Outlines Bright Future for Students, Region

With the new Center for Medical Education and Emerging Viral Threats more than 75 percent complete and on track to open this fall, students and leaders at LSU Health Shreveport are starting to see the impact the new building will have on them, their careers and health in north Louisiana.

LSUA Impact Map In Central Louisiana

Building a Pipeline for Dental Care

With $520K in state support, LSU is expanding the LSU Health New Orleans dental hygiene program to LSU Alexandria to address acute workforce needs in central Louisiana.

Jiri Adamec

Solving Cancer, Together

With investment by the state, LSU is attracting and supporting top research talent to solve some of the biggest challenges in cancer care for patients and families, starting with Louisianans.

Jennifer Rood and Tiffany Stewart

LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Improves Military Performance and Resilience

Researchers Tiffany Stewart and Jennifer Rood launch four projects to improve the health, performance and resilience of the American solider and Louisiana guardsmen and cadets.

LSU Health New Orleans burn surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Carter with Ukrainian and New Orleans colleagues

LSU Health New Orleans Leads Education to Treat Burn and Blast Injuries

Burn surgeons at LSU Health New Orleans are helping first responders in military war zones and civilian life learn how to treat burn and blast injuries with $4.6 million in support from the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command.

AI-generated art of a female silhouette

Amazon Taps LSU to Fight Obesity, Diabetes Using Smartphones and AI

Dr. Steven Heymsfield at LSU’s Pennington Biomedical is Louisiana’s only Amazon Scholar and one of the leading experts on body composition assessment in the world. He’s now collaborating with Amazon on improving their Halo Body health and wellness tracker.

AI-generated art of a woman leaning through a smartphone screen

AI Smartphone App Helps Mentally Ill, Families, Caregivers

Through a partnership with Capital Area Human Services District, one of Louisiana’s largest behavioral health providers, LSU leverages AI technology to catch early warning signs of serious mental illness and improve treatment.

AI-generated art of an alien-looking person surrounded by food

LSU Health New Orleans, PBRC Use AI to Unlock a Person’s Ideal Diet

LSU Health New Orleans and LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center have partnered to leverage new technologies, including artificial intelligence, or AI, in the fight against diet-related disease and health disparities in Louisiana through the Nutrition for Precision Health study.

AI-generated art of molecular speed-dating

Research Team Builds AI Cancer Drug Discovery Engine

An interdisciplinary LSU research team is using artificial intelligence, or AI, to discover personalized cures for cancer more quickly and affordably.

AI-generated art of a robot looking into a brain

LSU Health Shreveport, LSUS Use AI to Treat Cavernous Malformations

Medical doctors are collaborating with computer scientists to improve care for patients with cavernous malformations, some of the most difficult-to-treat tumors in the head and spine.