By partnering with Louisiana communities, LSU works to improve lives across the state.

Traci Birch

“I Fight Harder for This Place Because It Is So Unique”

Meet Traci Birch, assistant professor of architecture and managing director of the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio, who works on large, interdisciplinary projects to help Louisiana communities protect themselves from flooding and environmental disasters.

Ja'Corey Thomas

Caring in the Extreme: Personalized Care for Northwest Louisiana

LSU Health Shreveport improves care through biomechanical research.

Citizen health and Army health

LSU PBRC Whole-health App Supports Soldiers—and Everyone

By leveraging technology, LSU PBRC researchers are putting science in the hands of soldiers and their families—and everyone.

Human performance evaluation

LSUS Human Performance Lab Boosts Biotech Innovation in Northwest Louisiana

On what used to be six racquetball courts, there are now three top-notch research labs dedicated to the study of human movement at LSU Shreveport (LSUS)—an exercise science lab, a motion analysis lab, and a motor behavior lab—collectively known as the Human Performance Lab.

Flooding icon

LSU Helps Homeowners Tackle the True Cost of Flooding

LSU scholars in construction management, oceanography and coastal sciences, sociology, and psychology are working to gather data on the economic, equity, and emotional aspects of living in an increasingly flood-prone place, and provide homeowners with better guidance.

St. Paul’s Episcopal students

LSU’s Coastal Roots Program Helps 26,000 School Kids Fight Louisiana Land Loss

Investing in education and restoration efforts with elementary, middle, and high school youth.

Taylor Barnett

Sustainability through Diversity: Global Non-Profit Partners with LSU Manship

When the Louisiana chapter of The Nature Conservancy (TNC), a global environmental organization with more than one million members and the largest such non-profit in the U.S., realized they needed more diverse messaging—and messengers—to reach more people in local communities, they turned to the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication.

Tangipahoa 2016 flood map

Tangipahoa’s Big Idea: LSU Helps Flood-Prone Louisiana Parish Rise to Challenges

In the wake of the 2016 floods, which devastated not just Tangipahoa Parish but turned 21 south Louisiana parishes into federal disaster areas, faculty and students in the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio and LSU Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering began collaborating with local government and communities to set Tangipahoa Parish on a path toward resilience.

Arthur Johnson

Lingering Pandemic + Another Hurricane? LSU Helps Coastal Communities Prepare

In the very first study to look at impacts of the ongoing pandemic on hurricane preparedness and resilience in Louisiana, researchers at LSU Health New Orleans partnered with more than two dozen community leaders to help validate facts on the ground and turn observations into actionable data.

Jo Anna Fisher

More than 100 LSU Online Programs Help Job Seekers and Employers Adapt to Change

Social worker Jo Anna Fisher’s career did not skip a beat, despite the pandemic and loss of a family member. LSU now offers more than 100 programs online.

Brodrick Vincent

Expanding Opportunities for All: Science and Engineering Careers

Through at least 20 programs that often reach beyond campus borders into local communities and schools, all the way from kindergarten through college and into professional life, almost a thousand minority students in Louisiana are connected with STEM resources and research each year on the LSU campus.

Jared Taylor

Innovation in Radiation Research Takes LSU Student from Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center to SpaceX

Jared Taylor was planning on becoming a medical doctor to help treat people with cancer, but now finds himself almost literally in space, working on solutions to shield astronauts from dangerous radiation.

Hannah Broussard

LSU Educates Health Care Providers Specifically for Rural Areas

Across the state, LSU is working to provide more and better healthcare for rural residents. From New Orleans to Shreveport, several university programs educate care providers specifically to help fight health disparities.

Joshua Ricard

LSU Shreveport Cyber Collaboratory Makes New Partners

Through partnerships between the university and Louisiana Economic Development, the City of Shreveport, local K-12 schools, the Air Force, and industry—including small businesses—students like Ricard are starting to see what it actually means to boost high-tech innovation in northwestern Louisiana.

Dr. Jeffrey Kuo

Dr. Jeffrey Kuo: From LSU Purple and Gold to Ochsner Blue (and Saints Black and Gold)

From when he received his Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology from LSU in 2000 and his MD from LSU Health New Orleans in 2004, Dr. Jeffrey Kuo has been busy.