Pool Areas

Indoor Pool

Our indoor pool has eight lanes, each being 25 yards in length.

Once you enter our facility, head into the locker rooms on the side of the main entrance. At the other end of those locker rooms is an exit door that will take you right to the indoor pool!

FACILITY HOURS and indoor pool hours

Indoor Pool area with swimmers in lanes
patrons lounging in the shaded area of our outdoor pool

Outdoor Pool

Our outdoor pool is divided into a four-lane Deep Lap pool and four-lane Shallow Lap pool. We also provide Kickboards and Pull Buoys for use and, in the Deep Lap pool, you can even play basketball with our provided goals and basketballs!

Once you enter the facility, head to the locker rooms next to the east entrance. At the end of those locker rooms is an exit door that will take you right to the pool!

FACILITY HOURS and outdoor pool hours

Leisure River

Come take a load off by grabbing an inner-tube and taking a relaxing ride down the Leisure River!

Once you enter the facility, head to the locker rooms next to the east entrance. At the end of those locker rooms is an exit door that will take you right to the pool!

FACILITY HOURS and leisure river hours

two patrons riding along our leisure river

Pool Policies

  • Shower before entering the pool.
  • No swimming without a lifeguard on duty.
  • Proper swimming attire required at all times.
  • Return all equipment to original location.
  • No running or horseplay on the pool deck
  • No diving excepted in permitted deep end.
  • No hanging on the lane ropes.
  • No hyperventilation or breath holding.
  • Only coastguard approved lifesaving devices are permitted for use in our facility. Not all flotation devices are considered “lifesaving devices” and we may ask that participants use a life vest that we will have available at all times free of charge.
  • Outside rafts and toys are not permitted.
  • No unauthorized photography or videos.
  • Listen and follow UREC staff instructions.

  • Parents or guardians are responsible for their children at all times.
  • Parent or guardian must remain in reaching distance of a minor if child is under 3 foot 6 inches tall or if child requires a personal flotation device.
  • All participants requiring diapers are required to wear designated swim diapers with an elastic plastic lining. Assist young children in making frequent visits to the restroom.
  • Any users that require a personal flotation device or are under 3.5’ (42”) tall will need to be directly supervised by a parent or guardian. This means that the parent/guardian will need to be in the same space with them and within reach. The user is not allowed in the water with indirect supervision from the deck space.
  • If a child is under 42″ tall and a strong swimmer, ask a UREC Aquatic staff member about a swim test to be indirectly supervised.
  • Indirect supervision is appropriate during aquatic programming, such as swim lessons or Tiger’s Den, where the participant is directly supervised by an instructor or councilor, but indirectly supervised by other program administrators or parents.

  • No food, alcohol or tobacco permitted on the pool deck.
  • No glass drinking containers permitted. Drinking containers must be spill resistant and shatter proof to avoid broken glass in and around pool.

  • Patrons should utilize the day lockers located throughout UREC, the day lockers in the locker rooms, or purchase a locker.

  • In all instances where inclement weather is present, we will accommodate all users by making indoor lap swimming available. If lightning detected by ThorGuard Lightning Monitoring Technology, we will immediately clear the pools and deck area and ask all users to take shelter in the locker rooms or individual changing rooms until ThorGuard signals the area is safe to re-enter.
  • During cold months, outdoor swimming is available when the ambient outdoor air temperature is 55 degrees or warmer. When the ambient outdoor temperature is below 55 degrees, indoor lap swimming will be available. Please check facility hours for available times during winter months and holidays.

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