Esports Area

patron playing a game on one of our esports area computers

Now the world's fastest growing sport, eSports - competitive, organized, multiplayer online gaming - is exploding in popularity at the collegiate level. 

Join your fellow Tigers in competitive, cooperative, and organized video gaming.

Console Room

  • 4 - 55" TVs
  • 2 - Playstation 4 Pros and Playstation 5s
  • 2 - Xbox Series X and Xbox One S consoles
  • 2 - Nintendo Switches
  • Games available for Playstation:
    • FIFA
    • Madden
    • NBA 2K
    • Overwatch
    • PGA 2K
    • Rocket League
    • NHL
  • Games available for Xbox:
    • FIFA
    • Madden
    • NBA 2K
    • PGA 2K
    • Rocket League
    • NHL
  • Games available for Nintendo Switch:
    • Mario Party
    • Mario Strikers
    • Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    • Mario Cart 8 Deluxe

PC Room

Eight high-end gaming PC's with the following specs:

  • Monitor - Alienware 25-inch, 240Hz AW2518HF
  • Processor - Liquid-cooled i7-9700K
  • Ram - 16GB of DDR4 3200 MHz
  • Graphics Card - Nvidia Founder's Edition RTX 2070
  • Storage - 480 GB SSD + 3TB HD

Peripherals are provided, but you may bring your own as well.

While every popular, free-to-play game is installed on each computer by default, you are more than welcome to install any missing games, or ones you paid for, on which ever machine you use!

Take the elevator located near our main entrance, and take a left as you exit out of it. About halfway between the elevator, and the second floor of the fitness area, will be the Esports area on your left!


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General UREC Policies

At UREC, we are committed to keeping our members safe and facility clean.

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