NMR User Policy

To provide for maximum efficiency and minimum downtime of the NMR instruments, the following guidelines MUST be followed by all users.

  1. The NMR Facility backs up user data every night, but users are encouraged to copy their data from the spectrometers as soon as they are acquired.
  2. Non-routine adjustments of probes and any internal adjustments within any instrument console should not be made by users. Repairing and modification of the instrument by the user is forbidden. No variable temperature experiment should be conducted without prior consultation with NMR facility staff.
  3. What is brought in must be taken out when you have finished the experiment. All unidentified NMR tubes will be discarded.
  4. Any problems, malfunctions, system failures, or damages must be reported to the NMR facility staff (NMR@lsu.edu). Please leave a note with a description of the problem by the spectrometer computer.
  5. A five-minute grace period is allowed at the beginning of a time slot. After this time, other users may rightfully take some or all of the remaining time.
  6. If users do not cancel their appointment one hour before their start time, their account will be charged for the time whether they use it or not.
  7. No user should attempt to train NEW users on any instruments. NMR facility staff members will train all NEW users after receiving their online NMR Training Application and their answers to the NMR Training Quiz.
  8. The NMR Facility personnel will maintain the instruments and will make spectrometers ready for routine experiments. Facility personnel will set up experiments not available on the Bruker library upon users' requests.
  9. All users should contact NMR Staff (NMR@lsu.edu) with complaints regarding instrument usage and disputes.
  10. Facility staff will suspend the hands-on use of the NMR spectrometers by anyone inappropriately using an instrument or who does not follow the above-stated rules.