LSU Students Traveling to Ghana with New Global Ambassadors Program

February 21, 2024

BATON ROUGE – For the first time ever, ten outstanding LSU students will travel to Ghana with LSU’s new Global Ambassadors Program (GAP).

GAP is a newly launched university-wide initiative that seeks to invest global competency skills in the next generation of leaders. Beginning this year, a total of ten juniors from LSU’s academic colleges will be selected annually to participate in interdisciplinary global learning in Ghana during spring break. While in Ghana, students will be immersed in the country’s rich artistic and cultural heritage, Ghanaian social and environmental organizations, and US-Ghana diplomatic relations. This immersive program exemplifies the university’s desire to graduate globally minded students.

“Congratulations to all the students in this inaugural class of the Global Ambassadors,” said Dr. Clint Willson, Interim Dean of LSU’s College of the Coast and Environment, “I know you will represent our university well on the world’s stage. So many of the issues we study–in the Coastal Environmental Science major and across the university–are global in nature. The insights and perspective you gain on this trip will greatly expand your understanding of the world and enrich the entire LSU community.”

Throughout the GAP experience, students will learn from both Ghanaian and US leaders about the critical role they can play in addressing some of today's most pressing global needs. In a special two-hour session, the US Embassy in Accra will host the students for a meeting with US Foreign Service Officers, who will discuss the role that an embassy plays in US foreign policy and career path options in the Foreign Service.

One of this year’s Ambassadors, Maya Gunaldo, says, “I am thrilled to be part of the LSU Global Ambassador Program. This is an incredible opportunity traveling to Ghana over Spring Break to engage with diverse cultures and foster international connections! I am looking forward to immersing myself in the Ghanaian culture and [am] eager to learn from this transformative experience.” 

Upon returning to LSU, student participants will serve as Global Ambassadors on LSU’s campus, advocating for their peers to consider engaging in international and experiential learning programs.

GAP is a collaboration between the LSU Office of Academic Affairs and LSU International Programs. This year‘s program leaders are Dr. Helen A. Regis (Associate Professor, LSU Department of Geography and Anthropology, College of Humanities and Social Sciences) and Laura Dean (Director of Global Partnerships, LSU International Programs). Learn more at the Global Ambassadors Program webpage.