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Comprehensive List of Members & Committees

Member Committee College/School Term Expires
James Nguyen H. Spencer Ex-Officio (Vice Provost & Dean) Graduate School -
Carol Wicks Ex-Officio (Associate Dean) Graduate School -
Fereydoun Aghazadeh, Council Chair  Awards College of Engineering 2023-24
Chad Seifried, Associate Council Chair  Modality (Chair)/Awards (Chair) College of Human Sciences & Education 2022-23
Phillip Adams Promotion & Tenure/Modality College of Science 2020-21 
Steve Cai Graduate Faculty (Chair) College of Engineering 2020-21
William Corbett Awards  Paul M. Hebert Law Center  2023-24
Paul Frick Promotion & Tenure (Chair) College of Humanities & Social Sciences 2020-21 
Andreas Giger  Awards College of Music & Dramatic Arts 2024-25
Thomas Greckhamer Promotion & Tenure College of Business 2023-24 
Claudia Husseneder Awards  College of Agriculture 2021-22
Alecia Long Awards  College of Humanities & Social Sciences 2024-25
Mark Mitchell Awards School of Veterinary Medicine 2024-25
Gabriele Piccoli Graduate Faculty College of Business 2021-22
Lance Porter Graduate Faculty School of Mass Communication 2024-25
Robert Rohli Awards College of the Coast & Environment 2023-24
Bruce Sharky Promotion & Tenure College of Art & Design 2021-22
David Spivak Graduate Faculty/Modality College of Science 2023-24
Scott Wilks Promotion & Tenure College of Human Sciences & Education 2024-25