Welcome to the Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is an advisory panel to the Graduate School Dean and may advise on topics such as requests for new graduate degree programs or changes in existing degree programs, requests for new concentrations, and Graduate School policies. Additionally, the Graduate Council reviews Affiliate Graduate Faculty membership nominations and makes recommendations for certain graduate student awards. A subcommittee also serves as the Provost Advisory Committee (see PS-36 T).

Council members are full members of the graduate faculty representing all disciplines at LSU. They are elected by and from the graduate faculty members within each college or school by processes determined by the college or school. The college dean will recommend candidates to the Graduate School Dean, who will then recommend candidates to the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor to make the final appointment.

Each college will have, at least, one representative on the Graduate Council. The colleges with greater than 400 enrolled graduate students will have two members. If a college's member of the Graduate Council cannot serve in a given semester, the dean of the college will appoint an interim member for the semester. Members are asked to serve a five-year term and to participate regularly in full and subcommittee meetings. Feel free to email graduatecouncil@lsu.edu if you would like to submit any questions, comments, or ideas.