Data and Strategic Analytics Projects & Initiatives

At the Office of Data and Strategic Analytics (ODSA), we are dedicated to empowering decision-makers at LSU through expert guidance and robust analytical support. Our team's diverse array of projects not only addresses immediate decision-making challenges but also aims at long-term strategic planning and operational excellence across various administrative levels. Below, we provide a detailed look into some of our major initiatives and collaborative endeavors. Through these detailed projects and strategic initiatives, the ODSA reaffirms its commitment to enhancing decision-making, ensuring financial stability, and fostering an environment of innovation and strategic foresight at LSU.

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

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Data-Informed Decision Making

In a dynamic academic landscape, ODSA is at the cutting edge, merging extensive university data with state-of-the-art analytics and AI to revolutionize decision-making. These tools and methodologies are not just about data processing; they're about creating smarter, insight-driven choices that can dramatically impact university operations and strategy. 



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Faculty Fellow Initiative

In Fall 2023, ODSA introduced the inaugural group of AI/Data Analytics Faculty Fellows. This select group of nine distinguished faculty from diverse fields are tasked with developing groundbreaking projects that will significantly impact teaching, learning & research, not only benefiting LSU but also setting new benchmarks in academic excellence and innovation. 


Evaluation & Modeling Efforts

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Evaluation & Logic Models

ODSA conducts full-scale mixed method, formative evaluations that include document analysis, interviews & questionnaires with key stakeholder groups and analytically transforms narratives into comprehensive, structured logic models. These methods are not just descriptive but can also be used as proactive tools for better financial decision-making & strategic planning across the LSU system.

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Institutional Viability Modeling

Adopting and employing a nationally-recognized institutional viability calculator with our own institutional data, ODSA created a modeling tool to gauge financial standing, investigating the extent to which LSU's metrics compare relative to other institutions within the state and nationally.     


Enrollment and Student Success Initiatives

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Student Success Portal

ODSA developed a specialized Student Success Portal to  respond directly to the administration's need to understand the full range and diversity of student success initiatives in place, aiding in informed decision-making and strategic development.



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Student Success Formative Evaluation

After a comprehensive survey analysis on student success initiatives, spanning the academic & administrative units on campus, ODSA conducted a formative evaluation for student success, which includes visualizations to capture the breadth and investment in student success programs across the campus. These visualizations allow leadership to understand current mechanisms and areas for enhancement. 


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Predictive Modeling

By leveraging admissions data, ODSA developed a predictive model to anticipate the success trajectories of incoming LSU students. This predictive analysis played a crucial role in organizing  Fall 2023 Welcome Week groups and enables Enrollment Management & Student Success to design targeted intervention strategies to meet individual student needs early in their university career.


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LSU Competitor Analysis

ODSA conducted a detailed study focusing on the decision-making process of prospective students who ultimately chose not to attend LSU. This report, examining variables such as geographical location, high school background, intended major & academic preparedness, provides vital insights. These findings are key to understanding LSU's market positioning and shaping strategies to enhance the university's competitive edge.

Governance and Data-Related Policies

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Data Governance

The LSU A&M Data Governance Committee brings together representatives from various administrative and academic units to oversee and support this pivotal initiative to maximize the value, security, and efficiency of its data assets. 

LSU Data Governance Charter


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Data Security & Proper Usage

ODSA, in collaboration with the General Counsel and ITS, is developing policies for managing and securing data assets, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of privacy, security, and access across all campus units.

Training and Professional Development Offerings

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Presidential Data Analytics Fellows

ODSA is launching the Presidential Data Analytics Fellows in Summer 2024. This year-long professional development initiative is tailored for mid-level administrators and staff, aiming to empower them with data analytics skills to enhance decision-making processes within their units and across campus.

2024-25 Fellows


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Future Training Sessions

ODSA has an exciting lineup of training sessions and retreats. Administrative units & leadership groups will meet to apply evaluation methodologies for data-informed decision-making. Additionally, a series of workshops will be dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of data within decision-making processes across LSU.



Data Dashboards and Visualizations

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External Dashboards

Our public-facing dashboards offer detailed visualizations of key LSU institutional data. These dashboards focus on areas such as student demographics, course load, retention & graduation rates, residence status, FTE enrollment, degrees awarded, and other significant metrics. We invite you to explore these insights and understand more about our institution.

LSU External Dashboards

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Specialized Dashboards

In Fall 2023, ODSA unveiled a new suite of internal dashboards with a focus on supporting leadership in strategic decision-making.  These specifically-tailored dashboards provide historical and current data encompassing a range of valuable metrics that are critical for data-informed decision-making. Designed with user experience and simplicity in mind, these dashboards enable executive leadership to easily navigate and filter information pertinent to their respective units.



System-wide Workforce Dashboards

The LSU Workforce & Alumni Outcomes Dashboard is a system-aggregate analysis of LSU alumni’s post-graduation pathways. These visualizations highlight alumni geographical distribution, employment and industry trends, number of high-yield degrees offered, and earnings potential by degree level and academic program. These data are dynamically presented at both the system and campus level.