Bolster success & retention

A thoughtful onboarding process can bolster new student employee success and retention. In addition to required orientation, training, and paperwork, onboarding allows your department to clearly demonstrate its expectations and values at a moment when new hires are most receptive, resulting in employees who are committed to your team's success.

Step One

Complete I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

The Form I-9 is used to document the verification of the identity and employment authorization status of individuals hired for employment in the United States.

All student employees at LSU are required to complete the I-9.

Before their first day of work, you will want to reach out to new employees to inform them of the documentation they need to bring. View our sample email templates for onboarding new student employees.

Please note that you are not allowed to request certain documents, nor can you advise the new employee which documents to provide. The new employee should be presented with the list of acceptable documents, as dictated by USCIS, and the new employee must decide which documents to present.


Step Two

Communicate LSU & Departmental Required Trainings 

You will need to ensure student employees have completed the mandatory training required of all state employees. 

Required Upon Hiring

Required Annually

Student Employee Orientation is required of all student employees.

Additional annual trainings:

  • The Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics, Louisiana Board of Ethics is required of all student employees.
  • Digital Resource and Content Accessibility Awareness Training is required if a student employee will create or disseminate digital content.
  • Power-based Violence Prevention & Response Training is encouraged but not required for student employees

ACCESS these ANNUAL Trainings

Departmental Trainings

In addition to training mandated by LSU, think of other trainings specific to your office. This could include how to interact with customers (by phone or email), training in software or skills they will be utilizing, how to use equipment in your office.

You should plan to provide student employees with a tour during their first days in the office, introduce them to staff, review office policies, and have them complete any needed mandatory university training listed above.


Step Three

Set Office Policies & Expectations

Communicate policies and expectations early to set your new employees up for success.

  • Before the student’s first day of work, you will want to reach out to go over any expectations and policies. This could include I-9 documentation, dress code, and what to expect. View our sample email templates for onboarding new student employees..
  • Setting students up for success starts with clear guidelines and expectations. You should share your office policies and go over with students during their first days of work. Download a sample office policy document.
  • You may determine that there are specific questions you need answered by new employees prior to their first day of work, or in their first week. For example, shirt size for uniforms, class schedule, and phone number. Sending new hires an employee intake form to return to you can help you gather this information.


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