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Research Faculty

Our faculty researchers use rigorous methods to expand the universe of knowledge in their chosen fields. Their work compels us to replace hunches and instincts with data, allowing students and professionals to challenge the status quo in their quest for success.

Research Faculty Directory
Sanaz Aghazadeh

Sanaz S. Aghazadeh

Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Accounting
Education: PhD Business Administration / Accounting, University of Oklahoma
Teaching Interests: Auditing and Cost Accounting
Research Interests: Judgment and decision making, specifically as they relate to the audit profession.
Phone: 225-578-6699
Email: sanaz@lsu.edu
Yashar Atefi

Yashar Atefi

Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Marketing
Education: PhD Business Administration / Marketing, University of Houston
Teaching Interests: Sales Management, Professional Selling, Marketing Management
Research Interests: Sales Force Effectiveness, Empirical Modeling
Phone: 225-578-2198
Stephen Barnes

Stephen R. Barnes

Department: Economics & Policy Research Group
Education: PhD Economics, University of Texas at Austin
Teaching Interests: Labor Economics, Health Economics, Econometrics
Research Interests: Labor Economics, Health Economics, Regional Economics, Public Finance, Applied Econometrics
Phone: 225-578-3783
Louis-Philippe Beland

Louis-Philippe Beland

Assistant Professor
Thomas Singletary Business Partnership Professor
Department: Department of Economics
Education: PhD Economics, University of Montreal
Teaching Interests: Microeconomics, Labor & Public Economics
Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Public Economics, Political Economy, Education, Health
Phone: 225-578-5211
Jeremy Beus

Jeremy M. Beus

Associate Professor
Robert H. and Patricia A. Hines Endowed Professorship
Department: Rucks Department of Management
Education: PhD Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Texas A&M University
Teaching Interests: Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior
Research Interests: Occupational safety, organizational climate, individual and team performance change, organizational socialization
Phone: 225-578-6150
Email: jbeus@lsu.edu
William Buslepp

William L. Buslepp

Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Accounting
Education: PhD Accounting, Florida State University
Teaching Interests: Auditing, Accounting Information Systems, Intermediate Accounting
Research Interests: Financial intermediaries (auditors and financial analysts)
Phone: 225-578-0497
Joseph Cabral

Joseph J. Cabral

Assistant Professor
Department: Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems
Education: PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Teaching Interests: Corporate Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Finance, Open Innovation
Research Interests: Innovation Strategy, Interfirm Collaboration, Entrepreneurial Finance
Phone: 225-578-5033
Suzette Caleo

Suzette Caleo

Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Public Administration
Education: PhD Psychology: Social/Personality, New York University
Teaching Interests: Organizational Behavior, Research Methods, Human Resource Management
Research Interests: Organizational justice, Workplace diversity, Stereotyping and discrimination
Phone: 225-578-6738
Don Chance

Don M. Chance, CFA

James C. Flores Endowed Chair of MBA Studies
Department: Department of Finance
Education: PhD Finance, Louisiana State University
Teaching Interests: risk management, financial derivatives, fixed income securities, corporate finance
Research Interests: risk management, financial derivatives, indexing, exchange traded funds, fixed income securities
Phone: 225-578-0372
Areendam Chanda

Areendam Chanda

Associate Professor
Thomas Singletary Distinguished Professor of Business Administration
Department: Department of Economics
Education: PhD Economics, Brown University
Teaching Interests: Macroeconomics, Economic Growth
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Regional Growth, The Indian Economy
Phone: 225-578-3791