Professional Development & Career Services 

Professional Development & Career Services 

LSU business students of all backgrounds benefit from a dedicated professional development team housed in the Office of Business Student Success. This supportive team works closely with academic counselors and the LSU Olinde Career Center. The result? Tailored professional development services that ensure our students are the most prepared internship and job seekers on the market. 

Partners in Career Success.

Sharpen Your Skills

Résumé reviews, interview prep, and networking guidance are just a few of the areas of expertise offered by the OBSS Professional Development team. We provide coaching to enhance your professional development skills, prepare you for career expos and interviews, provide ideas to grow your network, and point you to potential employers.

Build Your Experience

Internships are a great way to take your learning outside the classroom and get real-world experience. You have the opportunity to test your skills, learn more about potential career choices, and network with professionals within your chosen industry. OBSS can help guide you through all aspects of your internship experience.

Chart Your Path

Developing a career path during your time at LSU is essential for future career success. The OBSS Career Coach, in partnership with the LSU Olinde Career center, can advise you on valuable experiences to engage in, skills required for various fields, and professional connections to help you meet your career goals. 


Supporting your Potential

We were the first college at LSU to integrate professional development, academic support, and international experience into a single office. This intentional design sets us apart and puts our students ahead. Sure, some call us a one-stop shop, but we prefer to consider it a personalized, boutique experience. With unparalleled access to resources dedicated to their success, E. J. Ourso College graduates are thriving in their dream careers.

Our Services 

Career exploration and assessment

Résumé review

Cover letter and job search correspondence review

Interview prep and practice

Elevator pitch practice

Internship search support

Networking guidance

Slack channel for career and internship opportunities

Professional Prep Workshop

Mentoring Program


Internship Resources 

Gaining experience in your chosen field of interest is essential to meeting your career goals, and internships are the best way to get hands-on knowledge. Internships are also a great way to confirm that your career aspirations are the right fit. Taking advantage of experience-building opportunities while attending school will give you a competitive edge upon graduation.

  • You can take a paid or unpaid internship. Not all companies can pay an intern, so if you find one that is unpaid, use your discretion in evaluating its merit. Understand what the company or organization must do for that experience to be considered a legitimate unpaid internship. Please review the U.S. Department of Labor guidelines on unpaid internships and make sure that the internship you are considering falls within these parameters if unpaid.
  • There is a difference between academic and non-academic credit internships. Learn more by reviewing the Olinde Career Center’s internship information. If you would like academic credit, please talk with your departmental advisor.

The best time is summer after sophomore or junior year. You should take some major-specific classes and understand the primary subject matter of your major before moving into the field for your internship.

  • Internships allow students to try out a prospective employer and career path.
  • Internships offer hands-on experience in your chosen field.
  • Internships boost your confidence and your knowledge. 
  • Internships mirror the expectations you will encounter in the workforce. 
  • Through an internship, you have the opportunity to network for future employment, create relationships with other interns and young professionals, and establish rapport with other employers within that company. This can be invaluable when searching for full-time employment upon graduation.

  • Get an internship through the ways outlined above and with resources (résumé building, interviewing, etc.) from our office and the Olinde Career Center.
  • Decide if you want academic credit.
    • If you do not need course credit, go intern!
    • If you do need course credit, contact your specific department advisor for the next steps to gain that academic credit. Fill out the forms provided by your department and follow those specific instructions.


Professional Prep Resources

Professional Prep Events

In addition to one-on-one appointments, the OBSS Professional Development team holds several events annually. Many include an opportunity to receive a free professional headshot.

Interview Rooms

The Office of Business Student Success has three interview rooms for students to take on-campus or virtual interviews. OBSS is here to make sure you shine to employers.

Professional Development Course

GBUS 3061: Business Communication & Professional Development will instill timeless communication skills needed to succeed in any environment. It is a certified Communication-Intensive (C-I) course, and it is recommended that students take it during their junior year.

Networking Events

Connect with employers at the Career Expo, Business Networking Reception, or during a table sit. Expand your professional network by joining a student org or attending a speaker event. This is your time to shine. 


Career Resources 

Handshake Job Board

LSU Olinde Career Center

The LSU Olinde Career Center provides career services for students and employers. Our team is honored to work alongside the Olinde Career Center staff to help students reach their career goals. The career center executes the LSU Career Expo, Business Networking Reception, and many other career events. In addition, the career center also manages Handshake.

OBSS Mentoring Program

The OBSS Mentoring Program allows LSU business students to connect with alumni for a yearlong mentoring experience. This is an opportunity to sharpen your skills and grow your professional network. 

Stay Informed with Slack

OBSS hosts a college Slack channel to highlight business student-specific internships and full-time career postings. Join the conversation and stay on top of the latest opportunities. 



Advisor speaks with student about resume in office.


Scheduling Professional Development Appointments

The OBSS Professional Development team is eager to help with topics like career exploration, résumés, cover letters, interview prep, and internship or job searches. We are not able to assist with academic advising needs. Read about the OBSS Academic Advising team to learn about their services and appointments. 

To make an appointment for career and professional development advising, use the Handshake website or download app, available for Apple and Android devices.


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