Office of Business Student Success Mentoring Program

The OBSS Mentoring Program allows LSU business students to connect with alumni for a yearlong mentoring experience. This is an opportunity to sharpen your skills and grow your professional network. 

The pilot for the OBSS Mentoring Program has now reached capacity. Complete the form to be added to the waitlist. 

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Questions about the program? Contact Stephanie Gandy, assistant director of professional development. 



We will notify students on the waitlist when additional mentors are added to the program.

This is a low-risk opportunity to network with and learn from someone in your chosen field. Students will gain resources for career decision-making and strengthen learning by hearing a different perspective.

No, mentees are the decision-makers in this program. In early October, mentees will receive profiles for our mentors. At that time, they will make a selection. Please note, each mentor will only take on one mentee.

Mentors and mentees can expect routine email check-ins from Stephanie Gandy, assistant director of professional development. If needed, she will follow up with a meeting.

Meeting frequency, mode, and content will be decided by the mentors and mentees.

Students may only have one mentor at a time.

The expansion of the mentoring program will depend on student interest. If you do not find a mentor during the pilot, you will receive a notification when/if additional mentors are added. 

Yes, pending mentor availability

Students can add their names to a waitlist and will be notified when additional mentors are added to the program.

The OBSS Mentoring Program is launching with a smaller pilot and will expand based on interest from our students. Any announcements about the program will be shared in the monthly Ourso on the Geaux newsletter or on the college’s social media channels. 

All mentees must agree to the code of conduct as part of the application process.

We are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy living and learning environment. Each campus community member should choose behaviors that contribute toward this end. Students are expected to be good citizens and engage in responsible behaviors that reflect well upon their university, be civil to one another and others in the campus community and contribute positively to student and university life.

IMPORTANT: As a registered mentee, I acknowledge and understand the following: I pledge to commit my time to my mentor in learning and developing my goals for the 2022-2023 academic year.

I commit to building a mutual relationship with my mentor, to hearing about personal experiences and professional advice, to sharing my own stories, and to respecting the differences between us.

I understand that I drive the mentor-mentee pairings and that the E. J. Ourso College cannot guarantee that all interested mentees will have a mentor.

I understand that I will select a mentor based on educational backgrounds, professional interests, and other factors, but a "perfect" pairing is not always possible. I understand the quality of any mentoring experience is determined by the commitment, time, and quality of communication between me and my mentor.

I understand that I am responsible for adequate Internet bandwidth for virtual meetings and/or transportation to and from an in-person meeting. I understand and support that alcohol should not be part of any interaction with my mentor.

I am aware of LSU's policy on nondiscrimination and unlawful harassment, and I agree to abide by university policy concerning my interaction with my mentor. If I become aware of an incident that may violate university policy, I will immediately submit an LSU Cares report via and inform Stephanie Gandy (

I understand that the program runs during the fall and spring semesters and that there is no required commitment after the program ends. However, if both parties choose to continue a professional relationship, the Ourso College is not liable for this interaction.

I understand that my involvement in the mentorship program is at the discretion of the Ourso College; the college reserves the right to withdraw me from the program if I do not meet program expectations. If at any point I am no longer able or no longer want to participate in the program, I promise to notify my mentor and Stephanie Gandy ( about my situation as soon as possible.

I give the college permission to share my name, e-mail address, LinkedIn profile, and phone number with potential mentors. I acknowledge all of the above statements, and by registering for this program I commit to a mentorship pairing. This Code of Conduct will remain in effect until I request to opt-out via email to