Bachelor of Science in Information Systems & Decision Sciences

Tech with purpose.

Information systems professionals shatter the stereotype of the reclusive techie. They enjoy technology and collaborative problem-solving across teams. They are strategic thinkers who play an essential role in defining the future of business. Hello, CIO.

LSU’s BS in Information Systems & Decision Sciences (ISDS) is an excellent fit for anyone who wants to pursue a career in information systems. Designed in collaboration with industry partners, our curriculum blends classroom and experiential learning to prepare students for lucrative careers.

What You'll Learn

Develop project and data management skills and learn how to strategically and effectively use IT resources.

The BS ISDS is a 120-hour, STEM-designated program available as either the traditional on-campus in-person degree option or through LSU Online in 100% online format. The program teaches analysis, design, and implementation of systems to support an organization’s operations and management functions. Students prepare for careers in corporate settings, small and medium-sized enterprises, or entrepreneurial ventures across all industries. Areas of study covered in the program include: 

  • Business Statistics
  • Programming
  • Analytics
  • IT Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Consulting
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Data Warehousing
  • Cyber Risk
  • Data Mining
  • Supply Chain Management

Approved Electives for ISDS Majors (2023-2024): 

  • ISDS 3070 – Independent Study: CIO Hot Topics (Prof. Ed Watson - 1 credit hours in Fall and Spring)
  • ISDS 3070 – Independent Study
  • ISDS 3075 – Internship (permission of instructor; approved internship required)
  • ISDS 3105 – Internet Development Tools 
  • ISDS 3120 – Management of IT function 
  • ISDS 3200 – Advanced programming (python II)  
  • ISDS 3303 – Advanced Data Modeling using Spreadsheets
  • ISDS 4111 – Enterprise systems 
  • ISDS 4112 – Data Warehousing 
  • ISDS 4117 – E-Commerce 
  • ISDS 4118 – Web Analytics 
  • ISDS 4123 – Network & Computing Security
  • ISDS 4130 – Cloud for Business II  (Prerequisite: ISDS 4120)
  • ISDS 4141 – Data Mining 
  • ISDS 4180 – Business Analysis in Practice 
  • ISDS 4244 – Information Systems Auditing 
  • ENTR 4010- Special Topics: App Development 



Customized Coursework That Fits Your Career Goals

The Information Systems & Decision Sciences curriculum examines how to leverage technology, people, and processes to transform business. Optional career tracks prepare students for opportunities in analytics, digital services and consulting, cybersecurity, or tech entrepreneurship. Students who choose the custom track will select electives that best fit their unique career goals. All tracks promote interaction between students and professionals; this model allows students to build a strong network and ensures that our curriculum remains relevant. Contact the ISDS advisor to explore your options.

"At the end of the day, every company is an IT company. Every company has cybersecurity and IT initiatives. So we’re a hot commodity. Why not go into an area that you know will be fruitful? This degree can offer boundless opportunities.”

Ellen Herndon ’22

Career Path

LSU ISDS students go on to have lucrative careers in various tech-related professions like IT consulting, IT outsourcing, business architect, business analyst, business intelligence, database administration, information systems integrator, and data science.

Recent employers that hired ISDS graduates:

  • CenturyLink
  • Cognizant
  • Deloitte
  • Disney
  • Dow
  • Exxon
  • General Motors
  • IBM
  • SAS

Innovative Coursework & Experiential Learning

Certification: ISDS students earn SAFe® Scrum Master and Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions architect or cloud practitioner certifications while completing their degree.

Tech Skills: ISDS majors learn Python, SQL, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, R, Git, SAS, JMP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Networking Opportunities: Classroom speakers, capstone projects, and courses like CIO Hot Topics provide networking opportunities with industry professionals.

Claim a competitive edge: By adding a minor in analytics to your studies.

Minors to Enhance Your Skills

SDEIS offers three minors to enhance your degree studies. Refine your skills and gain a competitive edge on the job market with added expertise. 

Analytics Minor

Entrepreneurship Minor

Information Technology Management Minor

More About the Minors



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