MyLSU is a personalized online resource center for all LSU students. You must be admitted to the university and have submitted your enrollment deposit to gain access to myLSU.

Log In to MyLSU

For incoming admitted and deposited students, myLSU is where you will complete enrollment requirements, including housing, immunizations, online orientation, and more.

For incoming students who have not yet been admitted, or who have not submitted their enrollment deposit, you will use your LSU Admissions Portal for all activity.

Follow the steps below to activate your myLSU account:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your myLSU username in the “myLSU account or Email Address” space. (Your myLSU username can be found in your LSU Admissions Portal ex: mtiger1).
  3. Click “Forgot Password”
  4. Complete steps to create a password - 24 hours after activating your myLSU account, you will be able to access your Housing contract and the other myLSU features.

**Important** – Anytime you login to myLSU, you must use your myLSU username. Do not enter your personal email address to login to myLSU. The system will not recognize your personal email address and not allow you to complete your housing contract.

LSU E-mail Account: You will gain access to your LSU E-mail account a week or two before classes begin. Until then, everything sent to that e-mail address is auto-forwarded to your personal e-mail address you listed on your application.