LSU develops new technologies and partners with industry and government to bring new ideas to market.

Christine Wiley

Power Students Gain Industry Experience and Expertise in the LSU Classroom, Through Partnership With Entergy

Since 2019, LSU professors have collaborated with Entergy on shaping the university curriculum, including hands-on labs, to make sure electrical engineering graduates are competitive in the increasingly complex power engineering field.

Ryan Maggio

LSU Cybersecurity Program Connects Students with Near-Guaranteed Jobs

The LSU Applied Cybersecurity Lab links students with industry and highly profitable careers that have direct impact on national and state security.

Shahab Mehraeen

Entergy Invests $1M in Renewable Energy Integration R&D Partnership with LSU

LSU and Entergy have developed a sustained research relationship over the past decade as the electric utility giant continues to tackle new challenges related to the integration of renewable energy into the existing power grid.

Average rent increases, parish by parish

Tackling the Hidden Cost of Energy for Truly Affordable Housing

LSU develops energy-efficient construction solutions to help lower housing costs.

Oil drilling rigs

LSU Innovation in Enhanced Oil Recovery Could Mean Billions for Louisiana

Getting more oil out of the ground: smarter, cheaper, and in a more efficient and environmentally sound way.


A Full-Scale Testing and Training Ground for the Petroleum Industry, on LSU’s Campus

The only one of its kind in North America, the LSU Petroleum Engineering Research & Technology Transfer (PERTT) lab is a 2.5-acre on-campus industrial-scale facility to simulate oil and gas drilling and production operations.

Binary cow

Bringing Big Data to Farms

Tensas Parish farmer Mead Hardwick and his family work in close collaboration with LSU to optimize yields and fertilization management, while lessening their footprint on the environment.


Helping Bees and Beekeepers

Bee populations have been in sharp decline in recent years and honey now ranks third in global food fraud. LSU researchers are working to protect both pollinators and beekeepers.

Port Fourchon

Securing Louisiana’s Energy Infrastructure

Building a protective cyber dome over Port Fourchon and the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, the nation’s only offshore deepwater port.

Student-developed tracking app

LSU Delivers Student-Developed Tracking Application to Louisiana National Guard

Students and staff at the LSU Stephenson Disaster Management Institute (SDMI) have developed a phone-based tracking system for critical commodities and people traveling across the state with support from the Louisiana National Guard.