Swim School FAQs

Yes, Swim School registration is open to all. LSU students, UREC Members, and LSU Affiliates receive discounted pricing. LSU affiliates must register in person at UREC.

Participants should arrive 5-10 minutes early and ready to swim. Guardians are encouraged to take their children to the restroom prior to the start of their lessons. Individual changing rooms are available directly off of the outdoor pool deck and in the front lobby.

The only thing required of your child is proper swim attire. Goggles and a towel, as well as sunscreen prior to the lesson, are highly recommended. Please note, some classes require children to submerge their face in the water without the use of goggles. It is also recommended to tie hair back or use a swim cap to avoid distractions for swimmers with longer hair. If a child requires a diaper, it needs to be a swim diaper with an elastic cover over the swim diaper.

If there is a schedule conflict or unforeseen occurrence which causes a missed lesson, participants have the option of making up that lesson at 5 p.m. on the last Friday of their session. Inclement weather is not cause for a make-up, as Swim School will be moved to the indoor pool.

This is UREC’s way of showing appreciation to our swim school participants and up to four members of their immediate family. Fun Friday will be held in the Leisure River from 2-5 p.m. on the Fridays of your registered session. All attendees will need to sign our participation agreement, which can be done during the week or the day of at either operations desk. If inclement weather occurs, Fun Friday will be cancelled with no make up time.

Participant’s parent/guardian have the option of registering in-person at UREC or online through our website. We recommend your child is present during registration to obtain a photo for their system profile, but it is not required. As you register, you will provide the required information, sign our participation agreements, and submit payment for one or multiple sessions throughout the summer.

Parking is located in the northeast “B” lot on the backside of the building, near the Adventure boathouse, behind the fraternity and sorority houses. The Swim School entrance to the building is right off of that lot and closest to the outdoor pools. LSU parking regulations are not enforced after 5 p.m.

Swim School will still take place. While lessons will normally in the outdoor pool, Swim School will be moved to our indoor pool during inclement weather.

Starfish and Seahorse (Parent & Me) classes require guardian participation. During more advanced classes, it is recommended to have limited spectators at a reasonable distance to avoid participant being distracted during class. If a child requires a bathroom break, or needs to exit the pool for any reason, we ask that guardians remain close to assist with the process. Be sure you have your swimming gear ready for Fun Fridays.

Every student has different comfort levels, physical strength, and learning speeds. For this reason, there is no guarantee on the time it will take for a participant to move through the program. They will increase their comfort level, knowledge of water safety, work on former skills, develop new skills, and have some fun along the way. Guardians are provided with course information so they know what their swimmer is practicing.