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Two faculty members from the College of Science, Sophie Warny and Joseph Giaime, have been named fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), joining the distinguished 2023 class of 502 honorees. The AAAS, renowned as the world's largest general scientific society, recognizes individuals for their significant scientific and societal contributions across 24 disciplines.

Elaine Nkwocha is a PhD student in the Department of Biological Sciences. In this blog, she recounts her inspiring journey from Nigeria, navigating personal tragedy, familial expectations, and educational challenges to pursue her passion for STEM, ultimately becoming an advocate for diversity and inclusion in science education.

Shamika Kelley leads a dedicated team in the reconstruction of the NOPD Crime Lab after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Their primary goal is to attain accreditation from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) National Accreditation Board (ANAB) and the FBI's Quality Assurance Standards for DNA testing, with the aim of fostering a sense of safety and security in the New Orleans community.

Research news

LSU Mathematics professor Robert Lipton has been awarded a $1.25 million MURI grant for his research on extreme deformation in material structures. The project, "Complexity, Nonlocality, and Uncertainty in Heterogeneous Solids," involves collaboration with institutions like Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Chicago. This interdisciplinary effort aims to enhance materials' durability through mathematical modeling and has significant implications for defense and commercial sectors.

The LSU Quantum Photonics Group unveils fresh insights into the core traits of surface plasmons, challenging established understanding. These groundbreaking findings, published in Nature Physics, result from experimental and theoretical work in Associate Professor Omar Magaña-Loaiza’s lab, marking a significant leap forward in quantum plasmonics and possibly the most notable advancement in the past decade.

Cristian Ricaurte Perez, a third-year PhD student in Biological Sciences, received the first-ever fellowship from the American Heart Association (AHA) for the LSU College of Science. Perez's research focuses on manipulating lysosomes to promote longer and healthier lives, potentially preventing age-related diseases like cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Science Next Blog

LSU's "Bird Lunch" event brought together researchers across campus to share their avian-focused studies. From penguin diets to the evolution of red eyes in birds, the lunchtime presentations highlighted the breadth of bird research at LSU. The event fostered collaboration among researchers and discussions are underway to expand the audience to include undergraduates and the general public.

Explore Christian Foti's journey from an uncertain freshman to a dedicated student researcher. As a first-generation college student majoring in chemistry, Christian navigated early career uncertainties. Yet, a pivotal summer job ignited a passion for scientific exploration. Through the MARC program, Christian delved into medical physics, collaborating with Professor Wayne Newhauser to advance cancer treatment. Christian's story highlights the diverse paths to scientific discovery and the transformative power of hands-on research experiences.

Discover the story of an undergraduate filmmaker tackling environmental injustice in Cancer Alley through the lens of science. The documentary blends artistry with advocacy, exploring crucial issues and inspiring dialogue for change.