Randall Hall's Coworkers

Current and Former Postdoctoral Associates

Dr. Jan Eilertsen Ph.D., August 1995
Trondheim Univ., Norway
Experimental and Computational Studies of MAO 2001-2003 Senior Advisor, The Research Council of Norway
Dr. Petia Bobadova-Parvanova Ph.D., January2000
Univ. of Sofia, Bulgaria
Ab initio studies of materials and biomaterials 2002-2003 Assistant Professor, Rockhurst University
Dr. Cheri McFerrin Ph.D., June 2007
Univ. of Sofia, Bulgaria
Ab initio studies of the structure and reactivity of metal oxide clusters 2009-present LSU


Current and Former Graduate Students

Dr. Melissa R. Prince Ph.D., August1995 "Theoretical Studies of Sodium Metal Clusters" Texas
Dr. Andrew M. Kolchin Ph.D., March2000 "Atomic and Electronic Properties of Neutral and Cationic Metallic Clusters" New York
Dr. Chris R. Harwell Ph.D., June 2000 "Theoretical Prediction of Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectra of Aluminum, Bromine, and Nitrogen Compounds via First Principles Calculations" Computer Systems Administrator at D.E. Shaw Research
Jerome D. Krough Masters in Chemistry, Fall2000    
Dr. Jose A. Gascon Ph.D., July 2002 "Computer simulation of cationic rare gas clusters" Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut
Dr. Lacramioara Negureanu Ph.D., May 2006 "Ab Initio Simulations and Quantum Structure Calculations of Methylalumoxane (MAO) Synthesis by Hydrolysis of Trimethylaluminum" Postdoc, Wake Forest University
Dr. Yanlong (Jerry) Xu Ph.D., August2006 "Simulating protein evolution via thermodynamic models" Regeneron Pharma
Dr. Cheri McFerrin Ph.D., June 2007 "Elementary reactions involved in pollutant-forming mechanisms" Instructor, Southeastern Louisiana University
James Rucker   Simulation of beta-sheet polypeptides  
Gyun-Tack Bae Ph.D., December2009 Growth of CuO nanoclusters Postdoc, Kansas State University
Brandon Borill   Hydrogen storage materials  


Current and Former Undergraduate Students 

Christopher Chapman 1989-1990 Computer Programming, including SIMD parallel programming Principal Engineer at Monotype Imaging
Wei Wang 1992-1993 Kink-based path integral formalism Software Engineer at Sun Microsystems
Sean E. Hays Summer,1900 Ionization potential for small sodium clusters  
Chris R. Harwell Summer1994 ab initio studies of andalusite See above
Akilah I. Shelby Summer,1996 ab initio studies of flame retardants  
William Scullin 2000-2002 Computer programming (beowulf cluster) and ab initiostudies of MAO Senior HPC Systems Administrator, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL
Sarah Hickey Summer,2000 ab initio studies of incineration reactions  
Ashlyn Kidd 2000 ab initio studies of incineration reactions  
Dana Doucet Summer,2002 Metal and rare gas cluster ions Graduate School, Physics, University of Florida
Allen Johnson Summer,2002  ab initio studies of MAO and incineration  
Yuko Oku Summer,2003 ab initio studies of chemotherapy drugs Graduate School, Johns Hopkins University
Shawn Wilkinson 2007-2008 Path integral studies of molecules and simulations of glasses Graduate School, University of Illinois
Drew Hamilton Summer2010 MD simulations of flame retardent/polystyrene mimics Undergrad at Tulane
Igor Kolesnichenko Summer2011 Hydrogen storage Undergrad at LSU
Jeff Parrozzo Summer2011 MD simulations of flame retardent/polyurethane mimics Undergrad at LSU
Brian Kurtz Summer2011 MD simulations of flame retardent/polystyrene mimics Undergrad at LSU