LSU Chemistry graduate coordinator rocks into retirement

June 28, 2023

Kim playing music

Kim Mollere, LSU Chemistry Graduate Coordinator

BATON ROUGE – For LSU Chemistry Graduate Coordinator Kim Mollere, a career in higher education wasn’t originally part of the plan. With an extensive musical history, Mollere has been a member of several different cover bands over the years and found her start offering guitar lessons to local aspiring musicians.

Before she began working at the University, Mollere found a job in banking, where she discovered her knack for interpersonal communication. When she interviewed for a receptionist position at the LSU Chemistry Department, she immediately knew it was the right fit. After the second interview, she received a callback for the job, and the rest was history.

“You always can tell when you find a home,” said Mollere. “I felt really good about it. This is where I knew I belonged.”

During her time at LSU Chemistry, Mollere served the department in several capacities, initially transitioning from receptionist to coordinator of undergraduate studies. After helping organize several events for both undergraduate and graduate students, she took an interest in the graduate office and eventually began working there.

Known around the department for her office candy bowl, her band performances at LSU Chemistry events, and her familial treatment of the students, who she considers her kiddos, Mollere has always taken pride in keeping morale high.

“Hands down, best place I’ve ever worked, best people I’ve ever worked with,” said Mollere. “I call all those grad students my kids, and I mean that. It’s bittersweet to leave.”

This month, after 16 years of service at the LSU Chemistry Department, Mollere is rocking into retirement with plans to focus more on her music and her family, with her own original song currently in the works.