Plate Scholars

Your plate purchase makes a difference in LSU students’ lives.

  • Your entire purchase price (except for a few dollars in OMV administrative fees) funds scholarships for LSU students. Almost all of your LSU license plate purchase is eligible for the charitable tax deduction.

  • Scholarships close the access gap for students with financial need and attract the best and brightest students at all socioeconomic levels. Your support ensures that they can stay focused on their studies and reach their dreams of earning an LSU degree.

  • If you or your spouse is an LSU alumnus and you report your purchase to us, your plate purchase will count toward LSU’s alumni giving participation rate, which impacts LSU’s standing in national rankings like U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges. 

Meet a few of the LSU students supported by your plate purchase.


“I plan on pursuing a graduate degree in economics, which I can use to research in the future. I would love to delve deeper into developing countries’ economics and establish methods to alleviate poverty and encourage industrial development in third-world countries.” 

– Ranna Okeil, Baton Rouge, La., Economics, ’24


“Right now, the connection between psychology and neuroscience on the molecular level is very vague. I’m hoping that the gap between the two subjects can be bridged to help give us a better, more concrete understanding of psychology, which would lead to better forms of clinical therapy.”

– Ben Klein, Mandeville, La., Biological Science, ’24


“There are not many Black women who advance in my field behind the camera, especially in editing. While progress has definitely been made, it is still a majorly White, male-dominated field. My career doesn’t have to be the most prolific one, but I hope to be visible enough to be the representation I sorely needed when I was younger.”

– Mackenzie Cormier, Breaux Bridge, La., Screen Arts/Production, ’24