LSU Librarian Nicollette Davis Drives Change as 2024 Mover & Shaker

May 01, 2024

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LSU Librarian Nicollette Davis

BATON ROUGE – In her short time at LSU, Librarian Nicollette Davis has made an indelible mark on LSU Libraries and the library world writ large. This year, she was named a 2024 Mover & Shaker by Library Journal for her dedication to equal opportunity initiatives. Library Journal is a premier American trade publication for librarians that was founded in 1876. It has awarded more than 1,100 recipients since the award’s inception in 2002. Davis is one of 50 in her cohort and brings a wealth of experience and a passion for fostering a more inclusive environment within the library community.

“What we do as library workers goes beyond usage statistics and numbers. It’s those, ‘Aha!’ moments, those joyful moments when you've connected someone to something that increases their research passion and so much more. I am honored to be a part of that,” Davis said.

Since she arrived at LSU Libraries, Davis has wasted no time in making a lasting impression. She began working at LSU Libraries as the Kinesiology, Social Work and Health Sciences Librarian in June 2022, after earning a master’s in library and information sciences from LSU in 2018. Shortly thereafter, she was appointed to the editorial board of Library Diversity and Residency Studies. Then in 2023, her career launched to new heights when she was named an Emerging Leader by the American Library Association, the oldest and largest library association in the world.

“I have seen the transformative power of libraries and library workers,” Davis said. “Where the seed of a mere idea turns into a world-changing project or paper. It is one of the most rewarding things! Specifically for LSU Libraries, I feel that in the future we will continue to be the hub of research imagination at LSU.”

Furthermore, Davis’ leadership in We Here, a supportive community for Library and Archive Workers of Color, underscores her commitment to amplifying underrepresented voices in the field. Through her involvement in LSU Faculty Senate’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, she has been instrumental in shaping policies that promote fairness and justice for all members of the university community.

According to Davis, “Libraries are places of wonder, creativity and whimsy for everyone, where your imagination can grow and flourish. I think librarians are evolving into fierce advocates for our communities and ourselves as professionals dedicated to our work,” Davis said.

Additionally, she has published several articles (and a forthcoming book chapter) related to these topics and how they apply to American libraries. As a student, she was a founding member of the LSU School of Library and Information Science’s Diversity Council.

According to Sigrid Kelsey, LSU Libraries Director of Scholarly Publishing and one of several who nominated Davis for this recognition, “Ms. Davis’ attitude and work ethic are superb, which results in thoughtful, high-quality work in all areas. Her energy and enthusiasm are evident in everything she works on for the Libraries, and she approaches her work with a commitment to excellence.”

Davis is the second person from LSU Libraries to be named a Mover & Shaker. Collection Analysis Librarian Mike Russo earned the recognition in 2012

Through her remarkable achievements and steadfast determination, Davis embodies the spirit of innovation and progress that defines the LSU Libraries community. In the evolving landscape of library sciences, she is a force to be reckoned with—an agent of change, a catalyst for progress and a true champion.