LSU Students Showcase their AI Solutions for Healthcare, Farming and Research

December 07, 2023

BATON ROUGE – LSU students showcased their Artificial Intelligence solutions for real-world problems in healthcare, agriculture and academia on Tuesday, December 5, at the LSU Foundation Building’s Harrison Board Room.

Four teams of students from LSU Executive Vice President & Provost Roy Haggerty’s Artificial Intelligence class presented the AI applications they developed this semester to solve problems that impact Louisiana.

Their solutions will help to stage cancer tumors, assist patients with congestive heart failure, aid farmers with personalized weed-management plans, and answer questions for scientists.

Each team of students worked with a project sponsor from a local or LSU-affiliated organization who provided deep content knowledge and ensured the students’ projects were viable. The assisting organizations were Our Lady of the Lake Health, the LSU AgCenter, the LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans and LSU. Representatives from those agencies and several leading regional and national companies attended the presentations.

The solutions presented were:

  • Cancer Staging AI. Tumor stage is one of the most important pieces of information for cancer survivability. This AI stages a tumor based on a pathology report and provides a plain-language summary for the patient.
  • Congestive Heart Failure Patient Education AI. Congestive heart failure patients must follow personalized instructions after hospital procedures to have the most successful health outcomes. This AI provides education to the patient that is personalized to their case. It helps the patient and saves nurses valuable time by creating the educational module for them.
  • FarmSmart AI. This AI provides Louisiana farmers with a personalized herbicide-management plan for their crop and field, based on the weeds in the field.
  • Research Assistant AI. This AI helps scientists and grant-writers by answering any questions they have about a particular grant program, such as at the National Science Foundation.